Why I want to sell my 18-month-old Honda Jazz?

Why I want to sell my 18-month-old Honda Jazz?

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To be honest, I remain confused for couples f days, because I do not know how to make a decision about mt old car - Honda Jazz. And I have found a not-bad choice - Honda Brio. I searched for information about Honda Brio price Philippines, which helped me a lot.

While the Jazz is a comfort to drive, Bangalore's roads go from bad to worse. The sad state of affairs is that while the Jazz is supposed to be a perfect city commute rather than an intercity commute, it turns out to be the opposite. Whenever we take a road trip outside of Bangalore (Yercaud / Poducherry / Chikmangalur / Wayanad), it is only the bump inside Bangalore that worries us. When we hit the highway, there was no challenge.

Recently, our colleague from Autofun Philippines, tested a few compact SUVs when my friend bought one, and to my surprise and admiration, there were no usual potholes or potholes that could be felt on SUVs. 

Incredibly large and numerous potholes, rubber speed bumps and series of rubber road markings really make driving around town very painful and exhausting. This is where I was influenced by the experience of these SUVs.

So the question on my mind - Should I upgrade to CSUV within 2 years of buying a new Jazz? Besides, is it even an upgrade?

I'm totally stumped, and some helpful advice would be really helpful. I am based in Bangalore and we bought our first car - Honda Jazz VX CVT - after much consideration last year (February 2021). I'm a huge fan of Jazz and have shared my thoughts on 8K ownership here. When researching 2 years ago we limited our searches to less than 10-11 lakh cars as this was our first car and we are a family of 2 in Bangalore and budget is limited. seems quite reasonable.

Jazz has served us well for 18 months (11K km). I am a calm driver and I drive with a hairy foot. My speed in the city, even at high altitude, never exceeds 60-70 km/h. So Jazz ticked almost all the boxes for us. The cabin is so premium that we haven't had a similar experience in any car, even in the segment or 2 higher.

If I decide to change cars, there's a lot to "convince the woman".

I'm spoiled by the CVT transmission and Honda's premium beige interior and don't know if it's easy for me to find another car. I've seen Kushaq, Venue, Sonet and XUV300 and none of them have the same interior feel.

We don't need a second car so we always think we'll keep our car for at least 9-10 years. If we change now, the next car will be the one we stick with for the long haul. One of the reasons why I was tempted to upgrade is that my wife recently joined a company with great car rental policies. The company will somehow finance 25% of the rental EMI. The policy won't last long.

If I decide to buy a new car taking the place of my old Jazz:

The rental benefit only applies to new cars, so used cars are excluded.

I like to keep a tight budget despite the rental advantage. I don't want to spend more than 13L on the road in Bangalore - so I am not considering the new Brezza, as it is quite expensive for what is on offer.

I need an automatic - I can't switch from CVT to manual/AMT. So Nexon is eliminated

My wife will not agree to change to a dangerous car - so Sonet and Venue are also disqualified.

I've heard that the XUV 300 AMT is relatively quiet - I took it for a test drive and since I usually drive at low speeds I can feel a bit jerky compared to my Jazz at lower speeds and when the traffic crosses an obstacle.

If only I had upgraded to the S-Cross TC a few months ago, that would have made a lot of sense. S-Cross, Old Brezza and Urban Cruiser are now out of stock.

All of this leaves me with only one choice - Renault Kiger (which also doesn't include Magnite because I think Renault's serviceability will be better than Nissan's). Kiger's flagship Turbo CVT will cost just under 13L on the highway. Jazz will be sold for 9 lakhs at Spinny. The corporate tax benefit on the rental policy will ensure that I won't pay much more.

But - and it's big but - is the Kiger an upgrade over the Jazz?

While the Jazz is as premium as a hatchback can get, the Kiger is as frugal as an SUV. Both have CVTs, but I'm sure the Honda transmission must be much more reliable. Kiger is a good looking guy, and Jazz is great too - but it's an acquired hobby for many people. 

The Jazz 1.2L NA is smooth, and Kiger's Turbo in the manual sounds too rough - combining the CVT Turbo feels much better. I'm not sure how the Kiger looks and feels inside compared to the Jazz - it screams cut prices. Can quality last for a decade with limited shake?

Would like to hear from the experts, please. Would also like to hear the views of current Kiger owners - I personally think this is a very practical car and one of the very few reasonably priced cars.

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