Bells Falls: Everything You Need To Know

Bells Falls: Everything You Need To Know

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Alongside Serpentine Falls, it’s fair to say Bells Rapids is one of Perth’s favourite short trips out of the city. And fair enough too – the walk itself isn’t too hectic, the scenery is glorious (particularly once those rapids start er… rapiding), and you’re allowed to take your doggo!

And once you’ve conquered Bells Rapids, keen adventurers may be want to find its (somewhat) hidden gem of a waterfall – Bells Falls. And remember, especially when it comes to places that are a little off the beaten path, utmost care and caution should be taken – in 2019 a young hiker was severely injured while exploring Bells Falls.

What Is It:

About 45km from Perth, Bells Rapids is a series of streams and waterfalls that make up part of the Avon River. Bells Falls is a short hike upstream from the Bells Rapids Footbridge, or you can also see it from the Bells Lookout.

Where Is It:

About 45 minutes northeast of Perth in Brigadoon, the quickest way to get there from the CBD is via Guilford Road, then Tonkin Highway, followed by Gnangara and West Swan Roads. Finally turn on Cathedral Avenue and follow that until it becomes Orlov Trail, and you can’t miss the signs and large car park.

You can access the Falls by one of two ways. The first is by walking down from the Bells Lookout carpark, while the second is following the stream up from the Rapids footbridge and walking through the tunnel that runs under the railway road and access track. Be careful not to walk along the access road, not only is it illegal it’s very unsafe. From there keep following the stream up along a fairly clear hiking path and you’ll find the spectacular Bells Falls (this video lays it out fairly clearly for you).

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