Baratang Island Andaman Islands

Baratang Island Andaman Islands

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Baratang Island 
- A Hidden Beauty
Andaman is reborn to welcome the hordes of tourists who arrive year after year as the pristine,
blue water sparkles like a brilliant pearl as the sun's yellow light approaches the farthest horizon.
Whether it's the immaculate, white beach that glitters against the backdrop of the azure sea or the
thick, verdant tropical vegetation, Andaman has something charming to offer.
However, one native location in the Andaman centre is the Baratang Island, which was once
hidden from the rest of the world. This Peninsula has recently been formally opened for travellers
to fully appreciate its beauty, and as a result, visitors rush to Baratang Island despite its hazards.
This Peninsula is home to the Jarawa Tribe, one of the world's most violent tribes.
The massive wetlands rivers and the cave formations at Nayadera are the main tourist attractions
in Baratang. The island is well recognised for its limestones, which either above or below ground
create distinctive layers and buildings.
Getting to Baratang Island
Baratang Island, which is 100 kilometres from Port Blair, is home to the Andaman limestone
caverns. But a ferry is one method of getting to this island. You will need to trek many kilometres
through the jungle to get to the jetty. Approximately one hour is needed for the ferry ride to the
Baratang jetty. You'll be mesmerised by the roadside landscape. Both the destination and the
journey are great.
Best time for Cave Visits
The months of November through February are the best for visiting the caverns on Baratang
Island. It is, without a doubt, the ideal time to visit the Andaman Islands. There is little chance of
rain, and the weather is pleasant. Your trip to the caverns won't be impacted as a result. You must
complete the entire walk during the day and return before the sun sets for your protection
because it is forbidden to enter the tunnels after dark.
Amazing Facts about the Island of Baratang
The limestone caves on Baratang Island are a thing of visual splendour.
Stone structures can be seen descending from the cave top and rising from the cave floor.
The pattern that has been noticed was created naturally by the limestone as it accumulated.
These limestone structures' shapes change over time. Throughout time, they are undergoing
constant change.
The Limestone Caves are decorated with distinctive plants and foliage that catches visitors'
Visitors arriving at the limestone caverns by car must convoy through the Jarawa Tribal Reserve. If
travellers are extremely fortunate, they might come across some native inhabitants ambling
through the jungle.
What to remember when visiting Baratang
Start your day early to make it to the island in time. Baratang Island is a far-off place. So it's risky
to stay there after nightfall. Your travel company will insist that you start your journey around 3 or
6 a.m., depending on your timetable.
Wear breathable clothing and hiking shoes because you will be moving around the caves a lot.
Baratang Island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are located between the Middle and South Andaman Islands. Approximately, 110 km from Port Blair, Baratang Island is another major attraction for most of the tourist visiting the islands. The Baratang Island trip is considered to be an adventurous trip due to its long distance from the capital town of Port Blair and the journey that starts at 3 Hours pass 1200 Hours. You’ll read more about the way towards Baratang in our section of “How to reach Baratang”.

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