A Travel to Europe in 2014

A Travel to Europe in 2014

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After gaining a decade of working experience in the professional world, I decided to step back and follow my dreams. I was working as an executive cv writer uk at a private firm for almost eight years while dreaming about travel adventures.

In 2014, I decided to explore and discover different places. I took my first trip to Europe and visited several tourist destinations including

·         Paris (Paris is filled with highly regarded museums, monuments, and churches),

·         London,

·         Rome (Rome is a can't-miss spot on your trip to Europe),

·         Barcelona,

·         Venice,

·         Dublin (popular vacation spot for beer drinkers, culture hounds, and history buffs),

·         Madrid (Spain's capital has all of the makings of a quintessential),

·         Berlin,

·         Munich (one of the most expensive cities in Germany),

·         Edinburgh and Crete.

I could not get enough with an amazing experience of my entire travelling. I would prefer travelling independently to places that have a mix of beautiful landscapes and historic sites.

I had heard a lot about the hotels in Europe before visiting them but now I’m familiar with them. Do not expect that European hotels to be identical to American ones. So, yes! They're tiny. This is just something you need to be prepared for. Remember when you are picking the hotels, always do check the dimensions of the room.

All of these major traveling destinations have tons to see (you just can’t see everything in one visit), easy day trips, lots of English speakers, and tourist-friendly spots. Among them, Edinburgh’s trip was a perfect destination to spent vacations.

While there are several pros and cons for each type of travel whether it is independent, group, packages vacations, or cruises. I definitely have discovered my travel preferences and would love to share them in my next blog.

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elmadavis travel blog images

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