Does Wifi jammer cause signal interference to wired and wireless networks?

Does Wifi jammer cause signal interference to wired and wireless networks?

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As the name implies, a wifi jammer is a special instrument that shields (i.e. interferes) with wireless signals. According to its working principle, the signal that is shielded (jammed) by the wireless wifi jammer is a wireless signal, an invisible and invisible transmission signal in the air. A wireless wifi signal jammer, also known as a wireless wifi frequency jammer, can also indicate its principle characteristics, that is, shielding (interference) of certain specific operating frequencies or frequency bands of wireless signals. The signal transmission of wired networks is through wired connections, such as common wired networks (network cables), cable TV, wired telephony, etc.. The root of the signal transmission is the cable. Therefore, the wireless frequency jammer will not cause signal interference to the wired network when it is working normally.
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However, there is one situation that needs special explanation. Since the wireless wifi jammer will transmit a certain power interference signal, when the antenna of the wifi jammer device is too close to the cable of the cable network, a certain amount of interference will be observed. This interference is electromagnetic field interference, and the distance between the signal source and the target is closely related. In fact, by slightly increasing the distance between the two, the intensity of the interference will be dramatically reduced. Because, if you are worried that the radio frequency jammer will interfere with the wired network, you only need to separate the antenna of the wireless bluetooth jammer from the cable of the wired network by a certain distance.

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