Colorado Road Trip: 6 Nature Getaways to Go from Denver

Colorado Road Trip: 6 Nature Getaways to Go from Denver

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The American state of Colorado is full of contrasts: from the prairie plains in the east to the semi-desert rocky landscape in the west, from vibrant university campuses to sleepy and traditional villages amid endless fields. Although the world famous Grand Canyon is not at all there, the natural sights of Colorado will impress even the most sophisticated traveler. 

If exploring natural attractions is what you've been looking for on your vacation, then welcome to Colorado, and don’t forget to rent a car. The fact is that you won't be able to get to all interesting places by bus, so it is highly recommended to pick up Budget car rental Denver for a great start to your road trip. 

So, Colorado has prepared a huge number of nature getaways for complete relaxation. Take your rental car and find them!

Gunnison's Black Canyon 

Located 75 miles southeast of Grand Junction, the Gunnison’s Black Canyon is a wonderful spot to visit in Colorado. The main attraction of this place is 12-kilometers-long and 2,000-feet-deep canyon. It got its name because some of its areas don’t get sunlight, which makes it very dark. 

After getting there in your rental car, you’ll be able to go on a journey along the hiking trails and spend the night at the campsite. However, if you like more extreme entertainment and you have a high level of training - then enjoy rafting down the river or rock climbing on the steep canyon walls.

Rocky Mountains National Park 

You will have the opportunity to choose a suitable option for active leisure by visiting the Rocky Mountains National Park, which is located near the city of Estes Park. Numerous scenic roads are available there from July till September. So, keep that in mind when you rent a car – maybe, it will be better to pick up an SUV. 

During the tour, you will be able to admire mountains, meadows, lakes, forests, look at moose, deer and other representatives of the local animal world. You can also go camping, fishing, horseback riding, mountain climbing or bouldering, and trek to the summit with a qualified instructor. In winter, the park offers cross-country skiing or snowshoeing accompanied by a ranger.


Located in Southern Colorado, this is a great location to drive your rental car. If you come to this small mountainous city in the warm season, you can see the architectural sights, and go on a trip around its surroundings on foot or by mountain bike. 

Alternatively, you can also take a vintage train trip on a narrow gauge railroad that runs through a 200-meter-deep ravine to the mountainous town of Silverton. During the winter months there will also be an opportunity to go skiing.

Mesa Verde National Park 

It stretches around a huge plateau, towering 600 meters above the area. Ancient rock palaces and fortresses, created by the ancestors of modern American Indians, protrude from the thickness of the vertical walls of the plateau. 

During the warm season, you will have the opportunity to take a road trip to the Mesa Verde National Park. The site is located near the cities of Mancos and Cortes, but at a great distance from major destinations. Thus, a rental car is practically the only way to get there. 

In the park, you will see the ancient dwellings of the Pueblo Indians, carved into the rocks, and you can also go inside one of them by climbing the stairs. There are also several walking trails, leading to viewpoints and other interesting places, for example, Petroglyph Point High.

Great Sand Dunes

You will have the opportunity to visit the Great Sand Dunes nature reserve, which is distinguished by a variety of landscapes. Here you can walk along the numerous forest trails, swim in the Medano Creek, go on a trip in a four-wheel drive car, and relax in the Pinon Flats campground. You will be able to climb and descend the sand dunes - the largest of them is the 750-feet-high Star Dune.


There are many places in Colorado you can go with your rental car. However, get ready to explore 18 routes in the vicinity of the small town of Fruita. These are trails that run through the desert landscape along the cliffs, providing a magnificent view of the river. 

If you come to Fruita in the spring, you can combine cycling with skiing in Vail or Beaver Creek. It will also be possible to choose the option of active pastime in the nearby Pike National Park - for example, you can go mountain biking, hiking, or climbing Pikes Peak.

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