How to upgrade the wifi jammer to 5G?

How to upgrade the wifi jammer to 5G?

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If a customer purchased a wifi jammer from Jammer mart a few years ago, they can contact us to confirm the model number of the heat sink inside if it is a low-power wifi jammer. If the cell phone shield heat sinks in 2017 after the factory, the original 8 modules can be increased to a maximum of 12 modules, so that there is a redundant space for 4 shielding modules to assemble 4G or 5G band signal shielding, so as to achieve the effect of upgrading to 5G shielding. If it is a high-power model, please also confirm the high-power wifi signal jammer model you purchased from our company.

Some models have extra space for signal shielding modules in the 5G band. For some models of high-power wifi jammer, 5G wifi jammer can only be upgraded by configuring the chassis and 5G band respectively.
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When the cell phone signal is interfered with by a cell phone blocker, can someone send me a text message?

There are many people concerned about the problem. When the cell phone signal is interfered with by wifi jammer device, can other people send me text messages? Or will I receive the text messages sent before after unblocking?

A: After the cell phone signal is interfered with by wifi blocker, by then your phone can not receive the text messages sent to you by others, and of course, you can not call. After unblocking, i.e. when the wifi frequency jammer is off or when you leave the wifi signal blocker coverage area, you will receive the text message if it was sent to you on the same day. If it was earlier, like yesterday or earlier, it depends on whether your mobile service provider's SMS service has this feature.

Likewise, if you are blocked by your cell phone and someone calls your number, you will receive a missed call SMS alert after the signal is restored if your phone is turned on with a similar service such as CallerPod or Caller Alert.

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