7 Unexpected Ways Rigid Boxes Can Make Your Business Better

7 Unexpected Ways Rigid Boxes Can Make Your Business Better

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For packaging various retail products, rigid boxes are common in use. People are making them effective in promoting their products and brand image. Marketers are trying hard to find new ways of being creative with these boxes. They know the importance of packaging in terms of the successful promotion of the product. The business growth is dependent on the creativity of these boxes. Here are some of the easy yet unique ideas to make your boxes more appealing.

Using Unique Shapes for Rigid boxes
Different shapes are in use by various brands. According to observation, there are many shapes of boxes depending on the product. So, if you want your product packaging to stand out, you need to come up with creative shapes. Choosing a unique shape will give a boost to your existence. Rigid boxes can modify into different shapes. Remember that square, round, cube, and other common shapes are not enough to make your products stand out. Don't restrict yourself to these shapes. For example, you can go for hexagonal or pyramid-shaped boxes. You have to be smart and creative to come up with cool shapes that will create a long-lasting impression. Impressive shapes include the pentagon, leaf, oval, and others. People can notice these shapes because they aren't very common.

Creative Designs and Themes
Designing your rigid boxes wholesale in a creative way is also another way to have a premium presentation. You can follow trendy designs as an attractive marketing practice. For example, you can go with storytelling themes for your hard box designs. When choosing how to package a product, it's important to keep things as simple as possible. Being creative in designs is different from overdoing your designs. For example, boxes must have the brand name and logo as a part of their design. Also, they should only have small graphics that are related to the product.

Inserts with Printing
When it comes to packaging solutions, you need to think of ways to give customers a memorable experience. Inserts are common in use by rigid box manufacturers when they are packing delicate products. By adding custom inserts and spaces, you can make it easier to arrange the items inside the boxes. This thing also gives customers a convenient unboxing experience. You can go one step ahead regarding inserts. Having small print on the inserts as well will surprise the customers. Printing your inserts will give a luxury look to your packaging along with protection. You can have your logo on the inside material. You can add simple quotes like motivational or love quotes in case of gift items. This little addition makes your packaging a sight to behold.

Superior Finishing for Rigid Boxes
Finishing or coating your rigid boxes wholesale can make them look amazing. These boxes can be laminated or varnished with glossy, matte, or soft-touch finishes. Coatings come in different styles, such as matte, gloss, or spot UV. Matte coating is the best way to give these boxes a soft look, while gloss coating can make them shine. Embossing and foiling can be used to highlight product features and give important product information. You can also look into foiling with silver, gold, or copper. They can add a metal look to your products and make them more valuable. You could also think about using embossing to put words or pictures on these boxes. Text or images will stand out from the background when you emboss them. Debossing, PVC, raised ink, etc., are some other ways to finish printed rigid boxes.

Unique Styles for Packaging
Instead of using common styles like lids or without lids boxes, go for unique styles. For example, rigid-hinged boxes are a popular type of gift box. Unlike traditional gift boxes and circular gift boxes, they don't have a lid that can be taken off. Rigid cardboard boxes with hinged lids keep your products clean and organized on a store shelf and are very convenient. This makes hinged boxes very popular with customers because they can just flip the lid into place. These boxes usually come with an internal fitment or insert that keeps the product in place. Other than this, you can have other styles for your luxury packaging. You can use a pillow style, a briefcase style, a reverse tuck, or other designs for an alluring look.

Adding Embellishments with Minimalist Prints
Adding small things like ribbons or buttons on the top of the box makes a great impact. They are also cost-effective. Especially ribbon in a bow shape will make the box ideal for gift purposes. To make these little things prominent, go for simple designs or prints on the base. You can also choose to print as little as possible, in one color or in two. In this way, the embellishment will look more attractive. You need to choose to print small images instead of large graphics and many other things. Graphics that are too big don't look good with embellishments. Simple packaging is the best way to make a good first impression. So, make sure to have rigid box packaging with ribbons or buttons and a minimalist printed base.

Using Die Cut Windows
Window boxes are a popular type of packaging for products that need to be shown off. They have a clear acetate film on the outside. Rigid boxes with windows are the best way to package products that look good on their own and don't need extra decoration. You can make use of unique-shaped windows to have a unique identity. For example, a window in a heart shape can make a different look than other die-cut window boxes. So, be creative in having these transparent sheets to make the inside view more appealing.

When you're planning how to grow your business, you have to think about how to make your customers happy. Having your products in high-end, rigid boxes will give a special feeling to your brand. Luxury companies choose to make luxury packaging for having better marketing campaigns than competitors. People are willing to pay more for something the more they think it is worth. Moreover, such packaging is a great way to show off the products.

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