What DC Gear Motor is

What DC Gear Motor is

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In terms of the structure of product itself, the DC gear motor also belongs to an ordinary DC motor. What differs lies in a newly-added gear motor in its basic structure, which explains why it is called gear motor. This article will make a brief introduction of the principle and function of the DC gear motor.

1.Working principles

The internal gearbox, the most significant components of a DC gear motor, is used to reduce speed. Therefore, its working principles are closely related to gearbox. Firstly, it can provide a larger torque when the rotation speed is relatively low. Secondly, different proportion of rotation speed and torque stands for a different gear ratio.


A common DC gear motor is composed of two parts, namely stationary part and rotating part. When it is under operation, the former is called the fixer which contains a metal shell and a magnetic pole to generate magnetic field. The latter gets the name as rotor, whose internal structure is much complex than fixer.

3. Functions

Focused on energy conversion, the main purpose of the DC gear motor is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy of rotation. As a result, it enjoys a relatively wider use in steel machinery, factory automation and other sectors, especially leaving an impressive effect on electrolysis, electroplating, electrofusion and other industrial processes.

4. Features

1) Due to a smaller volume, the DC gear motor will not take up too much space during installation. In common cases, the motor enjoys favorable overload capacity and competitive durability.

2) It performs competitively in saving energy and converts internal energy efficiently into another. Generally speaking, the working efficiency can reach more than 95%.

3) The surface of the internal gearbox will be extremely sturdy after professionally heated and the vibration frequency of the motor is very small when it woks, even leaving the noise almost ignored.

4) It mainly adopts the design concepts pf systematization and modularization, which has a wide range of adaptability in the industry.Different types of DC gear motor can be arranged and combine into a variety of usage schemes, so the customers can choose the most suitable schema in line with their practical demands.

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