What We Need to Pay Attention to When Selecting DC Gear Motor?

What We Need to Pay Attention to When Selecting DC Gear Motor?

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As the society develops and advances, mechanization has gotten wide application in production and daily life. Playing an indispensable role in machinery, the DC gear motor has been applied to in wider and wider fields in that whatever demand rotation is in the need of it.

The motor functions as a tool to support and reduce friction, so its quality of accuracy and voice is directly related to the use and life of the machine. However, despite of adopting the DC gear motor with the best performance or imported motor, many customers still suffer from a disappointing efficiency. How to make the most of and select the motor remains the key. Someone may say, “I am just responsible for meeting customers’ demands, and its customers’ own business to use and select a DC gear motor.” But a qualified seller should be doctor-type one who should master both professional knowledge and the use of products in order to recommend the most suitable motor in accordance with the quality of customers’ supporting products and conditions of DC or micro-motor bearings. This is a prevalent way of specialized manufacturing and selling in global major corporation, which has also achieved good performance of since the implementation in Groups concerning people.

A new type of a DC gear motor, called brushless DC gear motor, develops with progress of micro gear motor and microprocessor technology, application of new power electronic devices with higher switching frequency and lower power consumption, upgrading of controlling method and the appearance of low-cost and high-magnetic-level permanent magnets. It not only maintains good speed control of traditional type, but also enjoys the advantages of contacting and diverting without sliding and spark, high reliability, long service life and low noise. Therefore, it is widely applied to the fields including aerospace, numerical control machines, robots, electric vehicles, computer peripherals and home appliances.

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