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Freelance writing is often undermined by people because they assume everything is easy when you’re working from home. But that is actually a myth busted in the year 2020 when the world went on remote mode and grappled with the realities of it. Without stressing how hard it was to work from home during the pandemic, we’re going to talk about Freelance writing and how you can improve it.

There are several write my assignment cheap online working online and most of them find these freelancing gigs daunting due to tight deadlines. However, if you’re truly interested, make sure that you follow the provided tips.

1.      Continue Search:

Opting for a career as s freelance writer means you’re also choosing to run your own business. This means you have doubled your responsibilities. Now you have to not only focus on your writing project but also keep a keen eye on potential clients. Hence, search through online portals for possible job openings. You also need to learn the art of cold emailing, where you introduce yourself to content directors and possible clients. You have to know that it’s not an easy job and you will have your hands full.

2.      Know how to pitch:

Writers, especially freelance writers, need to perfect their pitches. What are you thinking? What great idea has struck your mind? How do you hope to execute it? You need to be able to articulate all of these thoughts to your clients. Do you have any idea about the style of writing you’re interested in? Reach out to newspaper journals or other social platforms accordingly. And you know what you have to do after discovering those outlets – start pitching!

3.      Don’t Quit Your Day Job:

A lot of freelance writers make the mistake of quitting their day job because they think that they would be better equipped to focus on this career this way. But this is a grave mistake. You don’t know when and how you will land your first client and if you’ll even be able to find a new client afterwards. Therefore, until and unless you’ve become an accomplished businessperson, don’t quit your day job. 

4.      Deliver Clean Copies:

Look, it goes without saying that you need to turn in clean copies to the clients. Your clients don’t just expect you to write effectively; they expect that the copies they receive will be grammatically sound.

Therefore, run it through plagiarism software as well as an editing app.  Don’t forget to review the writing yourself once before delivering it to the clients. Check the typos, punctuation, line spacing, referencing, and other formatting guidelines. This will make your writing shine because it will be concise and comprehensible. 

5.      Grasp SEO fundamental:

Writing can only be accessible if it has been optimized, and for that, you have to learn the basic fundamentals of SEO. Companies and writing portals want writers who can drive traffic to their sites – everybody wants to make money!

Therefore, you would have to understand the way content marketing works; this way, you can become their most suited writer for the job.

6.      Explore:

Initially, you should explore and try different types of writing projects. Don’t just stick to what you think you can do – challenge yourself and don’t get easily intimidated by anything new. Just because you’ve not attempted something before doesn’t mean that you won’t be good at it.

Hence, when clients assign you to produce well-researched and thought-provoking pieces, don’t get intimidated. Work on them with all your heart and give it your best shot. Who knows where even one of those projects take you!

7.      Be open to Criticism:

Writers are sensitive and that is exactly how they are able to produce such poignant and thought-provoking write-ups. But here’s the thing, writers need to also have a thick skin because before publication, their content is proofed by several key players in the writing industry: editors, proofreaders, QA and research analysts, if not others.

Therefore, when they guide you regarding something, they’re not doing it to piss you off or demotivated you; they’re doing it because they want the best outcome for everyone involved. Yes, you might have written the paper and done most of the work but your work is also going to be published on somebody else’s website and that will put their business in line So write and get it edited for the benefit of all!

8.      Manage Time Effectively:

If you have learned the art of time management, you have won life. Most people struggle to succeed to in life not because they don’t have the skills needed to fulfill job responsibilities, but because they don’t truly excel at time management. Therefore, if a client has asked you to produce a qualitative paper of 2000 words in two days, you must understand the value of time and put it to good use.

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jamesowens travel blog images

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