A Year Back Home

A Year Back Home

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So here's my first official post. My name is Elisa and I've spent most of my teens and early 20's traveling. Most recently, I was in Wales for a year (September 2015-September 2016) to get my master's degree and I did a lot of traveling while I was there (naturally, I mean who wouldn't). I'm slowly approaching my one year of being home, and while I've traveled a lot, the reverse culture shock this time around has been INSANE. Anyone who has traveled for an extensive period of time knows that there is a certain culture shock when arriving back home. While the reverse culture shock kind of wore off last September, now is the time that I reminisce about the good times I had last year. I had a regular bar, a regular coffee shop, even a regular market for food and upon returning back to New Jersey, I had to find a new normalcy. It certainly has not been easy, but it's a journey.

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Elisadigiacopo travel blog images

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