How to Make a Rectangle in Cricut Design Space?

How to Make a Rectangle in Cricut Design Space?

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Cricut Design Space is the design companion application required to make designs using this computer-controlled cutting system. No matter if you're an experienced Cricut user, just starting out, or just thinking about purchasing a cutter, Cricut Design Space is essential software to work with Cricut. Below, you'll find a brief guide on how to get into Cricut Design Space to help you access the box and get started creating with Cricut!

Before we get started, let's consider: Design Space has numerous options for making and personalizing your projects. There's simply too little time to study everything in one go. This is why we'll begin with a brief introduction to the features in the software, so that you can begin making your own designs right away. This is a sponsored post. I am working with Cricut to share this information All content is my personal opinion.

Check out the following article for an overview of Design Space features. I hope that you finish this post with a better understanding of the application's capabilities. You can test the possibilities, or decide to focus further into areas of interest to you.

What Is Cricut Design Space?

Cricut Design Space can be described as an application for designing digitally which is used to prepare and lay out designs that can be cut on using the Cricut machine. Cricut Design Space(tm) provides a variety of tools for creating customizing, altering and personalizing all of your Cricut projects. offers a vast library of images, fonts and designs that have been pre-designed. The app is accessible to use on PC along with a range of mobile phones and tablets which include iPhone and Android devices.

If you're a Cricut Joy user (that adorable small turquoise Cricut that easily fits into your backpack), there's also a dedicated Design Space app for Joy!

Be aware that if you're new to using any design software, don't be concerned There are plenty of easy-to-create projects to get you started. Design Space has a lot of options that will help you get creative right away. It doesn't require a design professional to create with Cricut.

What Is Changing In Design Space?

Cricut announced the change from a mobile app to a desktop app and released a beta version in mid-2019. I was one of the people who downloaded Cricut Design Space for desktop the very first day it became made available, and I've been using it nearly exclusively ever since.

The good news is that very little to nothing will change in the app itself. However, there's a amazing new feature that is worth mentioning: with Design Space for Desktop, you can now design and cut offline! (You still require access to an Internet internet connection in order to run the app the first time and access some features, such as accessing pictures from Cricut Access.)

The biggest change occurring in the place of the program. In the past, Design Space has been online and accessible through the Cricut website. In the future you'll need to download the program to your personal computer to utilize it. It's the same for any other program or application that you downloaded, for instance, Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word.

Cricut made the decision to change to the desktop app because there are several browsers which do not support the online version. This is in order to release additional features that aren't accessible to web browsers. While there were browser requirements for the online version, there are also system requirements your computer must meet in order for the Desktop version to function.

What is the process behind Cricut Design Space work?

The software lets you create layouts on the Cricut machine both online and offline.

What Can You Do with Design Space?

Create pre-designed graphics and fonts into project layouts.
Editing and creation of finished projects.
Create original designs using simple shapes.
Create text-only layouts using many fonts.
Develop the design ideas you've got, and save them to your Access account.
Connect with other projects in other members of Cricut community.
Customize and create projects developed by other members of the community.
Cricut Design Space - An Introduction

"Cricut Design Space" is a dedicated and intuitive interface that comes with the package that you can download for using your Cricut device. The "canvas space" is technically where the creative imagination is brought to life with lines, shapes and dimensions. The whole creative genius of Cricut Project happens in the design space. Cricut Project happens in the design space.

The design area is a studio where template designs can be further customized, modified or organized. This space lets you download all the fonts and images you need for your child's project, and offers a wide selection of high-quality imagery from the Cricut's library gallery. The users also have the option of purchasing premium-quality fonts one at a time when needed for projects.

How can I download the Cricut Design Space app?

It's simple to download Cricut Space Design app. Cricut Design Space It is an app for free that permits users to access the collection of Cricut designs and to layer them to create your own projects. You can use the download of Cricut Design Space for Windows, on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. Downloading the application is available as a download for free for Mac and Windows.

How to use Cricut Design Space for PC?

Cricut Design Space download for PC: after having registered, you are able to start creating your own images. The app offers a range of Cricut mats that can assist you in choosing the kind mat that you want to use. It is possible to choose either your standard mat and the high-end mat. The premium mat offers numerous features. After selecting your mat you can begin editing your photo.

The app comes with a variety of options that can assist you in creating your own designs. You can use the application to create images that include words, stickers and designs. You can also apply borders to your pictures. However, the app will allow you to create borders when you are making use of the Cricut mats.

Additionally, you can frame images. When you've got a design you wish to use in your projects, you are able to create it using the program. You can pick different fonts that are available in the app. If you don't want to make use of your personal fonts, you can make use of the app to choose from many fonts included in the app. Once you've created custom designs you can submit these to Cricut Design Space app. You are also able to share your design on social networks.

What can I do to get Cricut Design Space for laptop?
After you've got the Cricut Space Design application installed on your personal computer, you can use it to access you Cricut Design Space library on your desktop. It is also possible to access your Cricut Design Space library on your laptop via Cricut Design Space for Mac.

To use this Cricut Design Space app with your laptop:

Make sure that you already have Cricut Design Space installed on your desktop.
Launch your Cricut Design Space app on your laptop.
Click Connect.
Log in using your Cricut Design Space account information to sign in.
You will be able to connect to from for free the library of your notebook.
Exploring the Insert Area to Use Shapes (such as Rectangles) in Your Design

The left menu bar often referred to as "Insert Area", is the tool you'll need for adding a rectangular shape to the canvas area. If you take a look at the default layout of the left pane there's the "+ New" button on the top, followed by icons for templates, projects, images or text, forms, and downloads in this order. Beginning at the top, you can scroll down.

We'll use the Shapes tab to the left to launch a pop-up submenu with an image of all shapes that are default. Be aware that the rectangle is absent from the options available when you first look. However, don't be concerned - simply choose "Square" in the options of shapes (click the icon to get an square) and proceed.

A square will now be visible on the canvas. You can alter the size of a square part by simply dragging the vertices, or by clicking the element and altering its length by using the edit menu.

Features of Cricut Design Space

Downloading Cricut Design Space to your devices allows you to create incredible creative designs by using many options to customize your designs using the colors of the images, fonts and fonts available in Cricut Design Space. Cricut Design Space library.
You can upload your own designs for further use. You can also choose from the templates that are already available to locate the one that inspires you the most.
You can create your own folders to save files saved, so that when you need to work with them, you'll be able to access them to use.
Because the data you save are saved in the cloud, it is possible to access them from various devices or even computers.
You have editing options with the Design Space app, which lets you edit images just like you can with other professional editing software.
The app offers a canvas on which you can begin making designs by putting in images, drawings as well as text.
The program allows you to create multilayer designs.
How to Use Cricut Design Space

Unlike most design software like Photoshop like Photoshop or Illustrator, Cricut Design Space is a breeze to use particularly for those who are new to the field. It might appear overwhelming at first but it's really a breeze in comparison to the two design programs mentioned earlier.

Within the My Projects section, select New Project or the + button. Start choosing a template or search for designs that are already created.

You can begin to design or altering them to make them your personal.
You can also look up images you can utilize in your projects. Simply select the "Images" tab.
The program also offers the option of using your own fonts and images. Just download them and start creating.
Experiment with the software until you're able create every design and project you require. It's fun, easy and enjoyable. Remember to save your work!
Explore the program until you're able create all the designs and projects you're looking for. It's simple, fun and enjoyable. Don't forget to save your projects!

Important note: many of the images available in the Cricut Design Space library are open to you to use according to your own preferences. When you do this you should read the Terms of Use since some images are for personal use only. Don't offer or sell images to others to avoid copyright problems.

How to Convert a Square into a Rectangle in Cricut Design Space (The Magic Step)

Square elements are nothing but an element that is locked into a rectangle of set proportions on the Space Design interface. To open these proportions and change it into a rectangle all you need just click the lock icon. It appears at the bottom left corner of the element when you place your mouse on the element.

When the image of your lock is changed to an unlocked one It will be apparent that the Editing Menu lets the user to input different sizes and lengths for the same element. It is fun to play around with these measurements to achieve your ideal rectangular shape (Check through this list of terms used to describe precision and measurements made simple by Cuemath) is one method to create a rectangle that is fired up. Another way is to drag the edges with your mouse, and then adjust the shape to make a rectangle on the screen.

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