Do you know how to install the jammer?

Do you know how to install the jammer?

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Originally, cheap cell phone jammer were designed to prevent normal phone use. It works by sending the same frequency to the tower base station. Therefore, it must operate within a valid range, otherwise it will not work at all. Finally, signal jammers are used primarily for military purposes. And in modern society, with the widespread use of mobile phones. The demand for jammers is also rising.Even in some very private situations, you can completely avoid talking loudly. Because noise can cause harassment, mobile phone signals can cause interference in some cases. Fortunately, today's online shopping makes it easy to buy quality cell phone signal jammers to stop everything. The jammer can lock all cell phone signals and make the phone inoperable.

In the field of mobile communications, a WiFi jammer is a device that prevents signal transmission by generating interference. The jammer sends signals in the frequency range used by the handset, and mobile phone users may lose signals in the jammer range. Jammer is usually undetectable, and users may experience slight shocks, such as poor signal reception. Interfering devices can be used anywhere, but are often used in situations where mobile phone use is disruptive, such as in libraries and restaurants.The phone must communicate with the network provider through the base station or base station. By sending radio waves on the phone's frequency, the signal blocker launches a denial of service (DoS) attack, resulting in loss of base station traffic.

Recently, a principal in Spokane, Washington, bought a cell phone jammer to prevent students from using a cell phone during class.The reason he bought the jammer was that students were frustrated by the constant texting and cell phone calls during the course.I think it's a good idea. I did n’t have a cell phone in school. Although I know many people would say that I did n’t have a cell phone when I was in school decades ago, in fact we live without them. If we are sick and have to go home, we go to the office and use the phone. There is a public telephone in the lobby. When I was in school, I was interested in learning and playing in school. Therefore, I think it is necessary to install a signal jammer in school to avoid students being too addicted to mobile games.

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perfectjammers travel blog images

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