Tips to Mix And Match Wood Finishes in Any Spaces

Tips to Mix And Match Wood Finishes in Any Spaces

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One of the most common topics of conversation regarding the design of a room is “Can I put two different woods in the same room?
The answer is “Yes” and not only can you put two woods in a room, many of the most interesting designs in both commercial and residential spaces include multiple woods.
Mixing wood tones makes a room more inviting and effortless, rather than calculated and expected.
There is no magic formula when it comes to mixing wood furniture finishes, but here are a few guidelines that may help you find your footing.
1.Start by Choosing a Theme
​The first step is selecting the theme of a room. Are you decorating a bedroom that you want to be comfortable and relaxing? Do you want your dining room to be country elegant? Is your living room going to take a modern, artistic tone?and will you determine to choose some furnishing provider like Interi Furniture to offer you some professional solution.
Once you know how you want your space to feel, you’ll be able to focus on the best furniture styles to achieve the look.In this regard,Interi Furniture  can help to customized all the furniture you want. ​
​2.Contrast Furniture and Flooring
​Furnishings can get lost against the backdrop of a similarly toned wood floor. Break up the monotony by pairing light furniture with flooring that has a darker stain or vice versa.
​3.Create a Harmonious Balance
​To prevent your room from looking lopsided, balance different wood finishes throughout your space. Here, the dark-stained furniture grounds the room, allowing the whitewashed elements to have a greater contrast for an airy effect.and this is the beauty of custom made furniture.
4.Use a Rug to Soften the Contrast Between Finishes
Area rugs are not only great for adding warmth, texture and color, but they’re also a good way to provide a visual break between a wood floor and coffee table or dining table.
In this dining room, the wood floor is much warmer than the other finishes.  The rug provides a break, and also helps to tie the warm and cool tones in the space together.
5.Unite Wood Tones in Other Rooms With Accessories
​If you’ve got cherry furniture in one bedroom and black wood in the next, help these two rooms feel like they belong in the same house by using similar-toned accessories. Use accessories in one room that feature the prominent wood tone found in the next. This can work especially well for adjoining rooms where you want to see a theme but not have it be exactly the same.
A dark bed frame in one room can be complimented by dark lamps in the next. Use similar patterns for blankets, curtains or throws to help tie it together.
6.There Are Exceptions
Even though we love mixing wood finishes, there are times when it can depend on the space.
Two exceptions where I personally tend to lean to matching finishes more closely are: very small rooms, and larger rooms where there are a lot of other things going on.  In those cases, matching furniture more closely (but not necessarily perfectly) can help calm the space.
7. It’s Not All About Wood. 
Remember that wood isn’t the only option.  If you’re unsure if your space can handle another wood finish, mix things up with metal and/or painted pieces.
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