Choose the best quality and best sex dolls

Choose the best quality and best sex dolls

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In the box, I found some positive surprises, including 3 wigs, upgraded vertical bolts (new bolts with plastic caps), hooks, Christmas bunny costumes, quite sexy pajamas + shirt + belt + panties combination , 2 pairs of extra eyes, I think it is very suitable for shower elastic rubber shoes, wig comb, USBpowered heating device (plastic type), cleaning flusher, white lilac, soft white blanket and obvious manual. I would also like to see some small TPE test pieces somewhere, but with so many extras, I really can’t complain

Regarding transportation...except after paying my bill in full, there won't be much here. Your WM Dolls shipped my doll out very quickly. Other than that, I won’t say too much, because after they released the doll from the warehouse, it was beyond their control. For all of your questions, my doll is indeed safe and sound (the box hurts a bit, but it's not a big deal). But again, neither your doll nor I can control it, so it has nothing to do with this comment.

There are two main ways to buy sex dolls: one is to buy from a local adult product store, facing high prices, because circulation must ensure the profit of each link, so they are superimposed on the sales price; the other is from online shopping sites, You can choose the best quality and the best price, and the styles are diverse. Currently, online shopping is the best choice.


Moreover, Pearson revealed that he had been married for 10 years before. Unfortunately, his marriage ended in a painful divorce in 2001. With his Anime sex doll, Pearson said he doesn't have to experience heartbreak anymore. He also added that his working hours are very long, which leaves him no time to deal with human female relationships. He added that he likes to have his own space to give him peace and tranquility.

Now that you have a clean wet towel, use it to cover the indentation on the Flat chested sex doll, and then heat the surface. Repeat this process several times. Eventually, you will notice that the indentation and indentation on the surface of the sex doll will begin to disappear gradually. Use a hot towel to repair dents. Take a clean towel, preferably white, and moisten it with hot water. After that, cover the visible pressure dent for a period of time. The next step is to put on the gloves and pat the dent part of the doll with your hand. Repeat this process until the damage or indentation disappears.


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urdollshop travel blog images

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