How to Connect Google Analytics to Facebook

How to Connect Google Analytics to Facebook

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Do you want to know the best ways to link Google Analytics to Facebook and track your website's traffic through Facebook?

If you have created Google Analytics Facebook tracking, you will be able to see how many people visit your site via Facebook, how long they spend on Facebook, the pages they browse, and more.

All this information is vital to optimizing your website for increased visitors and conversions from Facebook and other social media platforms.

In this post, we'll teach you how to monitor website traffic from buy facebook page likes uk using Google Analytics easily. We'll also examine the options to connect Facebook with your site and Google Analytics.

What Happens When You Connect Google Analytics to Facebook?
You'll want to monitor your website's traffic from Facebook through Google Analytics to observe what happens when people visit your site via Facebook. In addition, you can look at Facebook Insights to know what users are doing browsing their Facebook profile.

With more than 1.9 billion active users daily, Facebook is an ideal location to reach a large group of people who are sure to be attracted by your services. But, since Facebook has shifted its focus to friends and family, companies have discovered that reaching their intended users on Facebook is becoming more complicated than ever.

Therefore, monitoring the user's behaviour is becoming more vital if you intend to make the most of the potential reach Facebook can provide.

Facebook Insights focuses on activity that occurs within your Facebook profile (and the Instagram account, if there is one):

Page likes
Demographics of your following
But what happens when a Facebook user clicks the link and is directed to your site?

You need to know what your Facebook fans are doing when they come to your site to be sure that your marketing strategies for content are effective.

It's the reason you should join Google Analytics to Facebook and keep track of website traffic through Facebook.

How to Connect Google Analytics to Facebook
If you still need to get Google Analytics, it is necessary to set up the account. If you need assistance, then follow our guide.

Do you have a website running on WordPress? Then, check out How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress the right Way.

If you've already set up Google Analytics, you're good to go, as this is all you have to do!

There's nothing special you'll need to do to link Google Analytics to Facebook - Analytics will monitor all your Facebook visitors in real-time (unless you require tracking Facebook ads).

There are some things you'll need to be aware of:

How do you find the reports on your Facebook report on traffic in Google Analytics?

An extremely clever method of categorizing your Facebook visitors and tracking specific campaigns

What are the ways WordPress users can track Facebook visits on their dashboards?

We'll begin by looking at how you can find and analyze your Facebook visitors in Google Analytics.

How to Track Website Traffic From Facebook

Google Analytics automatically tracks your Facebook website's traffic, but where do you look for this information in the reports?

Find Facebook Traffic in Google Analytics

Let's look at the Google Analytics reports you'll need to track the traffic to your website from Facebook.

Traffic Acquisition Report

The most efficient method to monitor the traffic to your website from Facebook is by using the report on traffic acquisition.

Within Google Analytics 4, find the report by clicking Reports >> Acquisition the Acquisition of Traffic:

After that, scroll down the table. Finally, there's a channel called Organic Social - this is the place where traffic from social media such as Facebook will be placed in a grouping.

To narrow your Facebook traffic, Click the blue plus symbol to add a second aspect to your table.

You'll now have the report, which only includes your Facebook page's traffic. Be sure to look to the right side to view additional metrics, such as average time spent on engagement in a session, average engagement rates, as well as conversions and revenue.

Here, you'll find the list of sources that bring people to your site, like direct traffic, organic search or referrals, and paid search.

Click on Social to view the breakdown of social media platforms that drive customers to your site, such as Facebook.

GA4 Custom Report

Making a custom report using Google Analytics 4 is intimidating initially. However, follow our step-by-step tutorial, and you'll have a helpful, comprehensive Facebook traffic report you'll frequently refer to. Furthermore, you'll only need to do it only once!

Use Campaigns

Campaigns can be used to classify your visitors through Google Analytics using an innovative, helpful method.

If you want to use campaigns, create a link with additional code (called UTM parameters) to use in your blog posts. The links will look like this:

Afterwards, you can create reports in Google Analytics that include those code parts (parameters) to classify your website traffic.

WordPress Dashboard

WordPress users, Is there a simple way to monitor visits on Facebook directly on your WordPress dashboard?

Install the MonsterInsights plugin.

MonsterInsights is the most effective and reliable Google Analytics plugin available for WordPress. It allows you to effortlessly connect your WordPress website to Google Analytics (both Universal Analytics and GA4), and you can see all the information that matters most in your WordPress dashboard.

Additionally, at the touch of an icon, you can configure advanced tracking options like event tracking, form tracking, eCommerce tracking and custom dimension tracking, track outbound links, and much more.

After installing MonsterInsights, you'll see the Top 10 Referrals report on Your WordPress dashboard. Since Facebook traffic Facebook is classified as referral traffic, you'll find it in the following information:

For a start, get a copy of MonsterInsights on our pricing page. Then, if you're still determining that you'll need all the top features immediately, you can avail of our full 10 Referrals report by using MonsterInsights Lite.

That's it! We hope you have learned everything about tracking Facebook traffic using Google Analytics.

If you enjoyed this article, you'd be interested in A Complete Tutorial on GA4 Conversion Tracking on WordPress.

Are you not using MonsterInsights in the meantime? What are you waiting on?

Remember to join the blog via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for more informative reviews, tutorials and Google Analytics tips.


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