What should people who are disturbed by stalkers do?

What should people who are disturbed by stalkers do?

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If you put your mobile phone or device for location search in the car of your husband, wife or lover (just put it in the trunk of your car, in your room, behind the bumper) you can search the current location of the target person. If you rush to the place where the GPS radio is found, you will find cars with a diameter of 20m. You can also find a car in the hotel parking lot, detect where the subject went with someone and detect the location of the car to indicate that the subject is lying. These are very common. If you want to avoid this, it is recommended to install an anti-GPS tracking device. Using a GPS jammer prevents GPS tracking applications from violating our location privacy.


Recently, I heard a communication pronoun called 5g. At the request of customers, the jammer we developed must block the 5g signal, which is very useful for security and confidentiality. The product quality requirements are very strict and meet the current domestic high-tech Claim. This product has a good shielding effect and can be used in some complex situations. At the same time, it does not affect the surrounding residents and can improve customer satisfaction. As the name suggests, out-of-service devices have the ability to shield mobile phones from external communications. The 5G jammer sends electromagnetic waves at the same frequency as the communication signal of the smart phone. The purpose is to prevent the mobile phone from distinguishing the radio waves from the jammer from the useful radio waves from the signal base station. The jammer is mainly used for important tests. Usually, the jammer will be turned off after the test. 


There are several ways to capture drones in the field of expertise: using the latest technology from different fields to track and even capture drones, as well as recording sounds and saving them in a database for later detection of drones. The other is recorded by the radar system, but the wrong drone is easily confused with birds, so the small drone is difficult to distinguish by the radar system. UAVs have caused many negative effects, such as affecting airport air flights, and the huge noise generated by them has prevented others from working properly. In order to cope with these difficulties, our company has invested a lot of energy to develop a drone jammer specially designed to shield UAVs from flying. It can block the signal band led by WiFi 2.4G 5.8G, making the UAV unable to normal flight.


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perfectjammers travel blog images

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