How To Write A Finest Dissertation Conclusion

How To Write A Finest Dissertation Conclusion

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The conclusion is the very last part of a thesis or dissertation. It is the section where you wrap up all the discussion on the research subject and give the final verdict. But giving this verdict also requires you to follow some guidelines. You cannot craft the finest dissertation conclusion unless you follow all guidelines for writing it. Now the question here is that what are those guidelines? Do not worry; in today’s article, we will discuss all the steps involved in writing a dissertation conclusion. Before that, let’s define it.

What is the finest dissertation conclusion?
A dissertation conclusion, or the finest conclusion, is the section where you summarise all the research findings. Normally, it is the last chapter of a dissertation and serves as the closing statement. Here, you wrap up the whole discussion and give a final verdict about the research problem in light of the research findings. The finest dissertation conclusion is one which touches on each part and major section of the dissertation and summarises it.

Top writing guidelines to write the finest dissertation conclusion
A good dissertation conclusion is what reviews the key points discussed in a dissertation. However, do you know how to write such a conclusion? Most probably not, because if you knew, you would not be here reading this article. Hence, a brief description of the top writing guidelines for writing such a conclusion is as follows:

1. Restate the research problem and questions
The first thing you need to do when writing a dissertation conclusion is to restate the research problem and questions. Doing so takes the reader back to the main topic and allows him to remember the purpose of the dissertation. It is necessary because, after reading hundreds of pages, the reader may have forgotten the actual research problem. Therefore, restate the research problem and research questions at the start briefly.

2. Reflect on your research process
After restating the research problem and questions, reflect on the research process you have gone through to reach a conclusion. It simply means discussing the research methodology in a brief manner. Many readers just jump to the discussion and conclusion section after reading the introduction section. Therefore, it is mandatory that you mention and reflect on your research process so that they know how you have reached this conclusion. This is the second writing guideline you must remember to write the finest dissertation conclusion.

3. Summarise the key points
The next guideline is to summarise the key points discussed in your dissertation as a whole. To do this, you should go back to the body of your dissertation and make notes of the key ideas. As the researcher, you must read each section of the dissertation separately and pen down the key ideas discussed. One potential mistake that students make is that they keep on adding points from the body. This is a wrong practice. The conclusion section is based on your thoughts, so keep the main body points limited.

4. Summarise the key findings
After discussing the key points in the conclusion, it is now time to summarise the key findings. When you are doing so, do not forget to relate the findings back to your research aims and objectives. State clearly how the achieved results and findings after research have answered all the research questions and achieved all the research aims and objectives. Discussing the key findings in relation to the research aims and objectives is a sign of the finest dissertation conclusion. However, you can always turn to a dissertation writing service if you think you cannot relate them right.

5. Make future recommendations
Considering the implications of your research study, make future recommendations. Future recommendations mean discussing the potential areas of improvement of your research study. It is about discussing in which area the other researchers can contribute and do some research. You may already have discussed some of the recommendations in the discussion section, but the conclusion is the best place to elaborate on those.

6. Wrap with a closing summary
Finally, it is time to close the conclusion section of your dissertation. Giving a closing summary is the last step to writing the finest dissertation conclusion. This quick summary must act as a reference for your readers, which recaps all the major findings that you have obtained after research. You only need to include the key takeaways here. There is no need to be too descriptive in the closing summary.

Final Thoughts
In this post, we have covered what the finest dissertation conclusion is and how to write such a conclusion. The finest conclusion, as per the discussion above, includes the summary of the key ideas and results obtained after research. It also has a place for future recommendations to expand on the research topic.

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