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Simple is best? Well, sometimes, Yes Other times No.

As a woman, how many times have you heard “Are you sick?” when you don’t have makeup on?

It’s tiring to put makeup on but it’s also tiring to keep saying, “I am not sick.”

So, what to do?

This is when accessories come into your simple life!

If I tell you that something can make you look elegant and gorgeous without the effort of putting makeup on!

Yes, that thing exists and it is Women’s fashion jewelry!

When you are running late for the office or to get your kids from school or if you are just getting out to get groceries, putting on a piece of jewelry makes you look put together without spending hours doing your makeup and trying to make the eyeliner on both eyelids look similar! (We know it’s hard.)

From thousands of jewelry pieces, today I bring to you the 7 best and simple Women's Fashion Jewelry that you need to add to your magic box to save your time in everyday life but also look your best always!

Designer earrings

Instead of leaving your ears bare, put on some cute earrings or designer earrings, whatever suits your mood and dress. Doesn’t matter if you are trying to look simple or bold, a pair of earrings can make or break your look.

There are so many options to choose from, hoop earrings, studs, dangle, drop, or teardrop, it depends on your style and your comfort.

So, like you build a wardrobe, build a box of designer earrings for everyday use or special occasions. It saves you a lot of time when you are running late on a special day or just don’t want to put the effort into dressing up.

You can choose your earrings according to the colors and styles of your dresses or if you like a certain design and style.

Whatever suits you, but having a couple of designer earrings in your home won’t hurt you!

Heart Pendant

Why a heart pendant? Is there anything in the world that doesn’t look good with a heart in it?

Do you know that a heart-shaped face is considered the most beautiful face?

Anyways, coming back to the heart pendant, an elegant or simple-looking piece of heart pendant goes well with any dress, ethnic or western, even if you wear pajamas, it will level up your look. So, get yourself a heart pendant in silver or gold, whatever suits your taste and style. But having a pendant is essential to leveling up your look.

Hairbands and Scrunchies

When I say that hairbands and scrunchies can enhance your look, believe me!

Get hairbands and scrunchies of colors that match your dresses or you can get hairbands that match your designer earrings or your jewelry, there are so many things that you can try with your hairbands, and scrunchies elevate your look not even when they are in your hair but also when you wear them on your hand. Give yourself a chic and comforting look with them.

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youthnyours travel blog images

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