10 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling WithGreen Kitchen Cabinets

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling WithGreen Kitchen Cabinets

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Avoid these costly mistakes to make your kitchen the dream that you’ve always wanted.
Many homeowners start remodeling their kitchens without good knowledge of how to do it right. This is why they make costly mistakes that end up with lots of disappointments. Today, we’ll share the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.
Failing to plan
On top of the list of mistakes that homeowners make when remodeling their kitchen spaces is failing to plan. Failing to plan is essentially planning to fail in your remodeling project. Even if you are just contemplating the simple installation of green kitchen cabinets, you must plan for it.
Your plan should have your dream kitchen space. The end goal should reflect what you’ve always wanted in your kitchen space. Think about your kitchen space and all that you would want to include in it. It is equally important that you maintain some reasonable expectations when it comes to the final plan. You can work with an interior designer to plan your kitchen space

Underestimating the cost
Architects involved in kitchen remodeling projects always complain about unrealistic budgets set by homeowners. One of the things that stand out is the underestimation of the total cost. If you want to install green kitchen cabinets in your kitchen, you can check out their prices online. Compare all the options that you have and arrive at a final price.In addition, you should consider the cost of installation. Further, it is recommended that you set aside about 15% of the total cost for unforeseen emergencies, which are quite normal in many remodeling projects.
Choosing appliances after cabinetry
Are you planning to complete kitchen remodeling? This means that you will have to change various elements of the kitchen. Your focus will likely be on cabinetry. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on cabinetry; after all, they are the epitome of a kitchen’s aesthetics.
However, a costly mistake that you are likely to make is choosing other kitchen elements after you have settled on your cabinets. You should consider all the elements because all work harmoniously to improve the aesthetics and function of the kitchen. For example, if you are installing green kitchen cabinets, you should consider other kitchen appliances that will match this color scheme.
Installing cabinets before floors
As earlier mentioned, cabinetry is usually put at the center of any kitchen remodeling. However, you should not start with it before you work on the floors. You should finish with the flooring first before you can install your kitchen cabinets.
It helps to reduce the risk of damaging your cabinets when installing the floors. It also leaves you with precise measurements for your cabinets.
Choosing the wrong flooring option
The selection of your flooring type is important. You need to be mindful of the finish based on various factors. For example, you must consider issues like the slipperiness of the floor depending on who uses the kitchen.
The type of wood that you use for your floor should also have a proper finish. You can either choose pre-finished sealed hardwood that is slippery or settle on a textured finish that has more traction.
Ignoring the kitchen triangle
The functionality of the kitchen lies in the kitchen triangle. No matter how stylish your kitchen may look, you need a functional chef’s triangle that will enhance efficiency in the kitchen. The kitchen triangle is the distance between your stove, sink, and fridge. They should be all close to each other with enough working space between them.
Your green kitchen cabinets can always be above the kitchen triangle for enhanced efficiency. Depending on the size of the kitchen, your kitchen triangle should strike a balance of proximity and good spacing.
Improper wiring
Electrical wiring is also a major concern to people who are remodeling their kitchen spaces because they don’t do it right. There are two mistakes that you are likely to make.
The first mistake is to place your electrical outlets in the wrong positions. This will make it hard to place your electrical appliances in the right places. The solution for this is pretty straightforward; just decide where you want your place your electrical appliances and install your outlets there.
The second mistake is not considering the wattage of your electrical outlets. It is preferable to have all the kitchen electrical outlets on dedicated 20 amps.
Trying to find online deals for everything
The online retail market is quite exciting for homeowners remodeling their kitchens. You can find great deals on everything including green kitchen cabinets. However, this doesn’t mean that everything that you want to buy should be bought online.
Trying to find good deals online might mess up your remodeling project. For example, looking for minor replacements for kitchen items should be done with the knowledge that the replacements are specific and online retail stores might not be that specific.
Failing to plan for deliveries
When ordering kitchen supplies, you should plan for their deliveries. The delivery timing needs to match the expected day of starting your project. You can even plan for storing your deliveries before you start the remodeling project. It can be quite distressing to find that you have your green kitchen cabinets delivered late. Therefore, ask the retailer to guarantee you a proper delivery time.
Being too trendy
You shouldn’t be too trendy to an extent that your kitchen space looks funny. It is fine to have a touch of modernity in your kitchen. However, limit the use of current trends like open shelves exceedingly. Moderate the trend you will have a perfect kitchen space in your home.
This is why bold colors like green kitchen cabinets can help you work around modern trends. It is a unique color scheme that looks trendy but is also formidable.
Mistakes are common in kitchen remodeling. However, knowing how to avoid them can help you save a lot of money that would have otherwise been lost if you did not know how to handle them.
Therefore, keep in mind these mistakes and how to avoid them in your next kitchen remodeling project.

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