Tips For Making Attractive PowerPoint Presentations

Tips For Making Attractive PowerPoint Presentations

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The PowerPoint presentations are so much easy to prepare, upload, and effective. At the same time, preparing the PowerPoint presentations, students need to bear in mind some crucial points while preparing the PowerPoint presentations. Some of these points are given below to make an attractive PowerPoint presentation:

Guidelines For Making Attractive & Eye-Catching PowerPoint Presentations


Choose single sans-serif font in the PowerPoint presentations. The most suitable font to be used in PowerPoint presentations is Arial and Helvetica. The students must not utilize the Times New Roman or Palatino font in the PowerPoint presentations.

The minimum small size of the font should be 24 points that should be used in PowerPoint presentations.

Make use of the same fonts for headings and body all through the presentations.

Do not write over six to eight words in a row.

All caps should not be used in PowerPoint presentations except for the headings.

Layout and Design

Utilize the design templates in PowerPoint presentations.

Incorporate main points in the slides that need to be discussed. Avoid writing unnecessary information.

Avoid making so many slides in a single presentation. Try to cover the content in the minimum number of slides.

General Tips

Plan the presentation projects with proper care and total concentration.

Conduct thorough research work.

Speak with confidence while delivering a presentation.

Do not bother to read what is already written in the slides during the PowerPoint presentation.

Before starting the slide show, introduce yourself to the audience with courtesy and describe the road map of the presentation in about 2-4 minutes.

Always say a big thank you to the audience at the end of the presentation.

Always conduct a Q & A session at the end of the presentation.

Engage your audience during the entire presentation.

Plan a two-minute activity regarding your presentation.

Always take presentation online assignment help from the expert presentation maker when you need help in making a presentation. Do not bother to do it on your own because you have to submit it as per your professor’s instructions. Let the experts handle your next Presentation you can spend your time presenting it in class.

Incorporate some interesting short video clips, if possible, in your presentation slides regarding the topic of your presentation.
Always eat a sweet before going to the presentation. It will keep you mentally fresh.

Always upload the presentation on the server of the university one day prior to the presentation day. it helps you in removing any glitches that you would otherwise face while presenting

Use bullet points in the slides to avoid writing the content in long paragraphs.

Always keep smiling during the entire presentation.

Keep the tone of deliverance polite. Never speak too loud or too slow. Be patient; never become harsh.

Focus more on storytelling. If you are week in storytelling and you are confused so it will urge you to search do my assignment on Google. You will find many online assignments help services websites you can take help from them.

Practice as much as you can prior to the presentation day by standing in front of the mirror.
Use a bit of humor.

Use one idea on a slide. Never explain two different views on a single slide.

You have to put emotions in your Presentations to engage the audience.


Summing up, it can be said that the students should need to make attractive and eye-catching presentations. It helps them secure good marks in PowerPoint presentations, which allows them to succeed in their academic lives. The students can also take help from the professional PowerPoint presentation maker when they need some help during the process of making presentations.

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