dolls should be stored properly

dolls should be stored properly

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セックス人形は、自分の面倒を見ることができない人間の体に似ています。人間と非常によく似た皮膚 (TPE またはシリコン) を備えています。フェイクドールの肌はひどく傷んでいます。その結果、ラブドール男に傷がつくと、信頼性が低下する可能性があります。お気に入りの愛のおもちゃをいつも探し回ることはありません。したがって、信頼性の高いストレージ ソリューションをインストールして、安全に保ち、害を及ぼさないようにすることが重要です。人形の保管は、人形を安全に保ち、より長くお使いいただけるよう良好な状態に保ちます。



一般的に言えば、体と同じようにセクシュアリティにも気を配ることが賢明です。末永く安心してお使いいただくために、適切な状態で保管してください。ダッチワイフを悪い状態に保つと、感染の可能性に注意する必要があります。コストを考慮して、利用可能な最も信頼性の高いストレージ オプションを選択してください。

Sex dolls should be stored properly
Damage to sex doll
What else can careless handling of sex dolls do? Some people hide under the bed without covering it, which is unhealthy behavior. Overall, the storage options you install on your aotumedoll doll should keep it safe and free from damage.

For example, exposing it under your bed can cause mites to eat your skin. In addition, plants such as mold may grow on the surface of the doll. Make sure your storage options protect your sex doll from pests, chemicals, and even harmful substances like water.

Imagine a room full of clothes, a sex doll on your bed, or any other unjustified storage in your room. It looks bad, right? Therefore, you need to find an efficient way to store your dolls without ruining the look of your room.

Tifa Love Doll

Choose the storage options you want to use to keep the whole room organized. In any case, before purchasing and installing an anime love doll, you should check the size and shape of your love doll.

Proper maintenance and storage of your love doll will ensure its perfection, cleanliness and health.

Extend the life of your real doll
A sex doll resembles a human body that cannot take care of itself. It has a very human-like skin (TPE or silicone). The fake doll's skin is badly damaged. As a result, if a love doll man gets hurt, it may reduce his credibility. No more searching around for your favorite love toy all the time. Therefore, it is important to install a reliable storage her solution to keep it safe and out of harm's way. Storing your doll keeps it safe and in good condition for a longer life.

shrine maiden love doll

protect your health

Keeping your sex doll safe and secure will protect you from infections caused by the elements. Protects against mold and other types of growth. This strategy protects you from bacterial and fungal infections that can attack your reproductive system.

Generally speaking, it's wise to care about your sexuality as much as you care about your body. Please store it in an appropriate condition so that you can use it safely for a long time. If you keep your sex doll in bad condition, you should be aware of the possibility of infection. Consider cost and choose the most reliable storage option available.

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bijindoll travel blog images

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