So..why Australia?

So..why Australia?

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Australia. Sunshine. Scenery. 
Why not go to Australia? I mean of course I could have chosen Florida, or Spain, or Italy, Greece, Bulgaria.. Or a host of other warm countries but there's always been something about Australia that's been.. alluring. 
It's the land of money making, as in land yourself the right job and you can earn over $1000 a week. Yep, you read that right. Of course, I didn't earn anywhere near that, much as I'd liked to. I worked as an Au Pair, on the northern beaches of Sydney (which btw is lovely in the summer but freezing in the winter). 
And when I wasn't working(9-3 Monday to Friday and all weekend) I was spending money, and time exploring the city, beaches and the beautiful scenery. The botanical gardens, the opera house, the Sydney harbour bridge. 
I travelled to Australia for those. For the Great Barrier Reef, for Fraser Island (the largest sand island in the world), and for the skydive I did in far North Queensland. 
If you get the chance, do all of these things (and more!) in Australia. Its worth it I promise. 

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TravelChild95 travel blog images

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Littlemissdreamcatcher October 8th, 2017

Hi there:) you literally speak my mind about Australia . I traveled the entire east coast in a camper van so have a pretty cool and similar stories and views of Sydney and the rest of aus! Check out my blog and let me know what you think! I'm new and hoping to get some subscribers or even just some readers soon so I'd be super appreciative if you could take a moment to read even one of my posts!! Thanks x
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MoonSoulSteps October 8th, 2017

Hey! I'm in Sydney at the moment! I've only got a couple of days left here, is there anything to see/do that you would highly recommend?

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