Health Coaching in North Carolina, USA | Stress Management

Health Coaching in North Carolina, USA | Stress Management

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Cancer lives off of stress. The more stress you are under the more cancer can spread and take over in your body. While stress does not cause cancer its effects on your body can help cancer to grow by weakening the body even more. Our training will help you to mitigate stress and/or deal with it in a healthy way. Why try to manage and figure this out on your own, when you have people here that have already gone through this themselves and have helped others out? This can save you time, money, and yes stress.

One area of stress is the challenge of keeping up with all the medical appointments during cancer treatments. Trying to keep up with your medical appointments, work, family, and other events all conflicting with each other adds stress to your life. There are many ways to keep things straight, hand-held calendars, google calendars, and many other options. Our unique techniques allow you to gain control of your life and schedule and manage it in a way that works best for you. It may be teaching you ways to break down your tasks into smaller steps to cut some of the stressors out.

With a cancer diagnosis, you lose control of parts of your life. One of the first areas of help is in figuring out what is controllable and what is not. Surgery may not be controllable as you may have to have it, but how and what you do up to the day of surgery and what you do after surgery is controllable and can drastically affect your outcome. Another example is if you decide to do chemo. How you approach it, can make the experience a stressor or a time of enlightenment. Using the time to read a book you have wanted to read for some time, can make the experience more enjoyable. Also, how you dress, what you eat, and your mindset before treatments all are things you can control. These techniques give you some control back and help take the stress out of your cancer diagnosis, we work with you and your family and create manageable ways to help lower your stress.

Simple tips to deal with stress/anxiety

Get outside and take a walk.
Start by naming what you are feeling. Write it down or type it out. For 5 minutes, write everything that comes to mind.
Try the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 coping mechanisms. Name 5 things you can see. Find 4 things you can physically feel. Listen for 3 things that you hear. Name 2 things you smell and 1 that you can taste. This exercise shifts your focus and awareness to the present and takes the mind away from what it making you anxious.
Use the Filing Technique. Picture a room with a table in it. On the table is a filing cabinet. Walk forward towards the table. Imagine that in your hands are file folders. Each file has the name of something that is stressing you out on it. Place these files into the cabinet, shut the drawer and walk out of the room.

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