People watching - Hoi An, Vietnam

People watching - Hoi An, Vietnam

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Open front window, only silence among us. People come and go as they please on foot and on bicycle. The roaring of the motorbikes can be heard from the outside in, invading our seclusion on a somewhat crowded street. But what was really fascinating about the spot, other than the Reaching Out Teahouse offering jobs to physically impaired people with a sense of immersing them back into the community, was the people. 

Let's take a look at those people.


2 Asian girls - red dress and pink dress. Long dark hair, phones as their accessories; they are stopping to take pictures of the ancient town.


Vietnamese guy - early 20s. Charcoal striped shirt rushes past on a motorbike leaving only the wind and the street behind.


Woman - late 50s, red vest and beige shorts. Walks past fanning herself with a red fan. This heat is too much.


Asian young adult - Khaki backpack on his back and a navy blue fisherman as hat on his head. He is holding a map.


A young Asian woman - ponytail and pink bobble gazing peacefully at the nearby shops adjacent to my tearoom spot.


Asian family of 3 - all wearing straw hats and backpacks. They wander off down a tiny alleyway headed for where exactly?


The sensible couple - mid 40s wearing both caps and an umbrella for shade. They are lining arms and strolling idly down the street. They look happy.


Girls just wanna have fun - I think possibly South Korean x3. They are laughing with ice creams and battery-powered fans.


Bearded man - green hat, mid 20s eating some form of fro-yo or ice cream.

A woman who means business - white shirt, black ants, pink mouth mask and an updo hairstyle that would make all the men know not to mess with her. She zooms past on her automatic motorbike.


Local seller - Vietnamese pointed hat, mouth mask and a brown checked shirt. She rides past on her bicycle with her stall attached. I couldn't quite make out what she was selling.


Holding hands - Asian couple. Man wearing a blue polo and woman in a straw beach hat with black ribbons. They are looking at fabrics in delight.


Guy with all the flair - white and red floral shirt with a white cap and black jeans to match. He walks by with confidence and an abundance of flair. He is quite the handsome chap.


The tormenting team - 2 people clearly in love stop by to gaze at the opposite shop. They get bored of looking and begin to squeeze and poke at each other's ribs. The girl gives him a light slap before playfully wandering off.


The runner - young Chinese girl, navy blue striped t-shirt and white and blue Nike trainers. She runs past with her pink shoulder bag rising and falling at her every stride.

Bald guy - very tanned, flamingo pink t-shirt and grey cargo shorts. Standing outside a shop smoking a cigarette and looking at his phone. Most likely looking for his wife?


Guy with the umbrella - 60s? Vietnamese local in a blue shirt walks by with a sense of direction and a blue checked umbrella for company in his right hand.


The shaded woman - straw hat, white cardigan and a blue floral dress on underneath. She is wearing glasses. She stops off to the right of me for a moment away from the heat.


2 smiling locals on their bikes - covered head to toe in patterns of fruit - bursts of colours. They cycle by with great big grins on their faces. Must have been a good day at the market.


A tourist and a local - young Chinese woman sat in a chariot-like seat with an elderly Vietnamese guys cycling behind her pushing her along the street.


The ponytail returns - only this time she has a bag in her hand I wonder what she bought?


The mixed race beauty - faded navy blue vest and black tight shorts. He strolls past with his hands combing through his silky black hair.


Elderly posers - guy with a camera ad blue shirt. Woman in a straw hat and a green floral dress - maybe linen, I'm not that sure. She stops to take his photo. They soon move out of the way though after hearing the beep of an ongoing local.


Daddy and his little girl - the pigtailed girl is strapped around her fathers neck in a piggy back as they walk past admiring the boutique stalls.


The one who skips - Asian lady mid 30s skips by joyously; her husband walks off slowly in front. She seems like a lovely lady.


Father and his son - they ride past trying to avoid the pedestrians and the motorists. They do so successfully.


A guy on a bike - lost? Green shirt with an orange logo and black shorts. He has sandy blond hair and is looking at his phone a lot. Possibly for directions? He proceeds on his journey.


The walking models - blue patterned shirt and white shorts asks his girlfriend to take his picture whilst he 'candidly' walks out of the alleyway.


Sunburnt Susan - older woman, late 50s/early 60s perhaps walks by a reddy purple shade. She is caked in sun cream and what looks like third degree burns. Her dress is lovely though.


The wild thornberry's girl - a woman just like Elizabeth's sister n the movie rides on by with an orange bandanna in her hair. She looks like an experienced traveller.


The explorer who bites his nails - khaki Aussie hat with strings, white t-shirt and khaki shorts emerges from the alleyway biting his nails. He looks both left and right before making a quick decision to head right.


A mother and her daughter - camel top, straw hat and denim shorts. Her daughter is dressed similarly. The daughter s looking own towards the door and kicking a stone on the street. The mother is holding her hand and gazing into shop corridors.


Man bun and his beard - brunette, mid 20s possibly Australian. Maybe European. His hair was dreamy. He also looked like an experienced traveller.


The blue and white striped pair - both walking casually on by. The guy stops for a moment. He has his sleeves rolled up onto his shoulders. They go and buy some pho noodle soup for 30000 VND. The girl is wearing dungarees.


A motorist in a rush - olive green chino pants, white shirt and helpmeet rushes on past the dawdling crowd. This Vietnamese has only one message for the tourists: BEEP, BEEP, BEEEEEEP.!


"Belong to each other" - Asian couple wearing this printed onto their red t-shirts with a golf like umbrella above their heads. Will this protect them from the sun or the outside world? Couple goals?


A woman of feather dusters - of all different colours and sizes. This cleaning lady speaks through a megaphone. Spot of cleaning anybody?


Family trio on their bike - mother and 2 daughters. Denim jackets and dresses and mouth masks. Say no to pollution and yes to good health. They glide on by on the one vehicle


"Exactly Girl" - the Yorkshire girl responds to her friend on thee bicycle in front.


Juice boys - 2 Asian friends smiling and sipping away at their iced tea by the looks of things.


"In Vang Vieng Laos" stud - red vest and a lot of muscles. Beefy Liam Hemsworth lookalike crosses the street with his slightly less impressive friend.


The sweeping lady - blue shirt and black pants, ponytail and a pink dust pan and brush. She sweeps away the dirt from the street.


Guys with shades - creamy white vests and full lips, possibly French maybe Dutch? They cruise along aimlessly with their heads looking in every direction.


Which one was your favourite? And why? Let me know in the comments.

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BSmyth August 27th, 2017

"A guy on a bike" - Probably because it reminds me of myself! haha

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