How to Spot Fake Instagram Likes?

How to Spot Fake Instagram Likes?

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The marketing industry is now evaluating if its own social media influencers are as forthcoming with their audience as they first believed Instagram Likes set

Undoubtedly, one of the hottest subjects in influencer marketing right now is phoney followers and interaction, but where are all the useful materials on how to recognise any wrongdoing?

There are influencer marketing platforms that promise to tell you whether a follower is genuine, but how reliable do you think that is?

Many of these platforms are unable to obtain accurate data because Facebook continues to limit third-party websites' access to its API.

When it comes down to it, you are your best source for the truth. If you can identify phoney followers and interaction on your own, 

You won't need to rely on third-party websites because you won't know where their data is coming from or how reliable their statistics are.

I've examined literally thousands of accounts, so I've honed my ability to recognise false engagement and followers. I'll show you how to recognise it in this essay.

That makes sense, and it does, but there should be a noticeable difference between the engagement on high-quality posts and the engagement on low-quality posts when you compare the two.

Your research of phoney followers and engagement is off to a good start, however astute influencers will buy more likes for content they anticipate garnering higher engagement.

There has been some "Instagram podding."

This is a significant issue, particularly for the fashion sector. Because of the kind of influencers accessible to work with in this area, my agency makes an effort to avoid working with fashion brands.

It's not personal, but Instagram podding by fashion influencers is well known.

You may wonder what "Instagram podding" is. It occurs when up to 32 influencers participate in a single Instagram Direct Message (DM) group. 

Everybody in the group will like and comment on a post that one of them makes after sending it to the group via DM. 

These Instagram influencers frequently belong to multiple "pods" and receive hundreds of comments on each post they publish.

Then, another brand visits the influencer's page to see how many people interact with their sponsored posts.

When they select one, they discover that a huge number of individuals are talking about the product and some are even claiming to have bought it. Not so quickly though.

In this case, you should check the accounts of the people writing the buying remarks to see if they are influencers. Sadly, there is a good probability that they are.

Sadly, sponsored posts frequently receive less engagement, but this doesn't have to be the case. 

To produce sponsored post content that genuinely receives above average engagement, you need to be an expert.

Don't collaborate with influencers who spend a lot of time posting on Instagram.

You notice several "spammy" remarks

We're now going to look for those generic remarks that are actually bots on the back of the preceding part.

Yes, bots are sophisticated enough to "comment" on a post from an influencer. Sometimes they are set up to make comments about issues that are relevant to the events depicted in the picture.

For instance, you can see remarks like "great sunnies!" or "OMG your sunglasses " or "where did you acquire your sunglasses?" if an influencer is wearing sunglasses in their post.

This could appear to the uninformed spectator to be engagement purchasing. Once more, click on these profiles to determine whether or not the users resemble genuine people.

The percentage of views, likes, and comments varies


What if I told you that uneven engagement levels can also be an indication of phoney followers after first stating that constant engagement can be a sign of fake followers and engagement? 

Yes, I am, in fact.

Experience is therefore superior to all types of analytical software. Be self-reliant, be aware of what you're looking for, and believe in your gut.

Although there should be some exceptions (remember the product-only posts, flat lays, etc.), for the most part, influencers should have a steady ratio of likes to comments. 

Aim for engagement rates that are average or higher. Use an engagement rate calculator, such as the one MightyScout provided without charge.

There has been an unexplained increase in followers.

Here's one of the quickest ways to identify purchased followers. In order to examine an influencer's growth rate for followers, following, and number of posts, search for their handle on Socialblade.

It displays all the data on a chart so you can observe how an influencer has changed over time. 

Most of the time, if an influencer purchases followers, they will all be delivered within a day or two. 

You might observe that they are slowly gaining a dozen or more followers per day before they suddenly increase by 5,000 in a single day.

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