16 Of The Best Sausage Rolls Around Perth

16 Of The Best Sausage Rolls Around Perth

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Meat wrapped in pastry… name a more iconic duo. Here’s some of our top spots for a sausage roll in Perth.

North Street Store

It really seems as if North Street Store can do no wrong! From their now-famous cinnamon scrolls, to their next-level sandwiches, and now their sausage roll. These buttery, flaky bois are porky, fennely goodness. Lucky for us, along with their cinny scrolls, they’re now available across the ever expanding NSS empire, as well as stocked at cafes across Perth.


You can’t help but feel that it’s summertime when you’re at Daisies. These guys claim to be the “best in the West” when it comes to sausage rolls (do I detect a smidgen of healthy competition?), and the morning crowds will agree: a post swim snack of a Daisies sausage roll is hard to beat.

Mary Street Bakery

Mary Street is now almost synonymous with bakeries in Perth. With their ever expanding list of locations, it’s comforting to know that no matter where you are, their sausage rolls can’t be all that far away. Whether it’s their classic pork and fennel, the lamb variant or their spinach and ricotta option, these giant rolls go reeeally well with a doughnut. Better yet – convince the boss that a box is a really necessary addition to your next meeting.

Wild Bakery

This super popular South Freo bakery has earned heaps of fans through their sourdough breads and market pop up stalls, but their sausage rolls are amazing in their own right. Sizeable rolls with pork and fennel filling, and a super flaky pastry crust – these are worth going out of your way for.

Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie

Swiss bakery Jean-Claude’s has become somewhat of a Perth institution, operating out of its Subiaco bakery since 1997. And while they do a ripper traditional sausage roll, the German sausage – a smoked Schubling pork sausage wrapped in pastry – takes things to the next level.


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