Wireless Camera Blocker Enjoy Your Time

Wireless Camera Blocker Enjoy Your Time

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Have you heard of wireless Bluetooth jammers? Wireless cameras transmit video and audio signals to a wireless receiver over the radio band. Then the wireless wifi jammer plays the role of shielding video and audio signals so that the wireless camera can work within a certain range.

3W Powerful Portable Optional WiFi GPS and All Wireless Jammer.In public places, we often see wireless cameras, which can play a role in monitoring and deterring criminals. However, the wireless camera also caused us inconvenience. You may find that your neighbor has installed a camera that looks like it's pointing at your house, or even your bedroom and bathroom. how do you feel? Feel eyes staring at you, record video? It's uncomfortable, isn't it? Such wireless cameras plague our lives and invade our privacy.
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As we fear, many countries will install wireless equipment in public places. Especially in the UK, no matter in the bustling streets, or crowded subway stations, train stations, bus stations, shops, hospitals, and other public places, you can see a familiar sign: "CCTV is in operation". It, even so, happens that they are mounted on police hats. In the UK, no matter where a person goes, he cannot escape the "eyes" of CCTV. A person named Britain has entered the "surveillance society".

If you are worried about annoying signals interrupting you in public places, or when you need more personal space at home, or if you care deeply about your privacy, or if you have such worries about your thoughts about your soft life. Or, if you don't want to be too much trouble for others to use your wireless camera, then you can take a look at this handheld powerful optional wifi jammer device and all-wireless camera blocker, you will love it.

This wireless wifi bluetooth jammer brings more convenience to your daily life. This portable optional full wireless bug is designed with 5 antennas and has strong interference ability, which can cut off 1.0G, 1.1G, 1.2G, 1.3G, 2.4G wireless camera signals as well as WiFi 2.4G, Bluetooth, and GPSL1 at the same time Signal. So not only will you be safe from being videotaped by wireless bugs, but you'll also be safe from being tracked. Also, it can be used as a wifi frequency jamme. The car charger is designed so that it can also be directly applied to the car for the owner to use. And with a compact handheld design, you can carry and use it anytime, anywhere. What a perfect device!
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precisejammers travel blog images

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