FIFA President Infantino to Stay in Role For Four More Years

FIFA President Infantino to Stay in Role For Four More Years

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UEFA and CONMEBOL have both said they would oppose the proposal to shorten the World Cup cycle. The cash reserves of FIFA have almost tripled to more than PS2bn, and the president of FIFA has also said he wants to preserve the sport.

UEFA and CONMEBOL oppose shorter World Cup cycle

UEFA and CONMEBOL have opposed a move to stage the World Cup every two years. In May, FIFA approved a feasibility study on the idea. However, it's not clear whether the governing body will actually adopt it. In fact, several countries have already announced their opposition to a biennial World Cup.

The FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, has visited several countries and is working on a campaign to secure wider support for a two-yearly World Cup. However, many confederations, national associations and players unions oppose the move.


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Infantino's campaign is also causing concern for the soccer industry. While the president says he wants to "make sport the priority", many have raised concerns about players' health. The International Olympic Committee has also said it will not endorse the move.

However, FIFA president Gianni Infantino is confident that a majority of FIFA member associations will support the move. He has claimed that players' health is one reason for his push for a two-yearly World Cup. He is also likely to gain support from smaller federations.

The proposed two-year World Cup would reduce the number of matches and the number of competing countries. This would also reduce the amount of revenue generated. It would also reduce the interest of sponsors. And it would lower the quality of the tournament.

FIFA's cash reserves have almost tripled to more than PS2bn

Despite claims of financial ineptitude, FIFA's finances are turning out to be very good. The organization has almost tripled its cash reserves to more than PS2 billion. The news comes amid ongoing questions about the parity of prize money.

In the four years covering the World Cup, FIFA generated $6.4 billion in revenue. It also earned huge revenues from TV rights and licensing. It also made a big investment in development projects. The Forward development programme spent $1.079 billion in the 2015-18 cycle. Its budget for the 2019-22 cycle was increased by $667 million.

The FIFA Foundation also does good work, promoting social inclusion through football. It runs Football for Schools and the Women's Football Leadership Programme. It also has a community programme that works to train young people. FIFA Legends also serve as ambassadors for the organization.

The organization also runs a workers' compensation programme that reimburses injured workers and unpaid wages. It is a good idea to cover some of the costs involved in the compensation program, but it's also important to cover a wide range of compensation expenses. In addition, it's important to support initiatives to ensure that workers' rights are protected in the future.

The organization also has a disciplinary committee that is under the authority of the FIFA council. In addition, FIFA suspended teams for international competitions when they were deemed to be not functioning as expected.

Infantino wants to facilitate a love of the game

During his time as a FIFA executive, Gianni Infantino has become a power player. He has the ability to bend the federation to his will. Infantino's ambitions to increase the number of World Cups to 48 teams in 2026 and dilute the quality of the World Cups are well underway.

The FIFA president has a dual Swiss and Italian citizenship. He was the UEFA general secretary when he was elected president in February 2016. He is also a successful technocrat, having led the European UEFA confederation.

Infantino is considered a master of the FIFA Code of Ethics. He has been involved in a number of controversial issues. He has also shown an autocratic mindset.

Gianni Infantino is the first Italian to hold the FIFA presidency. He was elected to serve a three-year term on February 26. He is known to be highly irritable, often referring to underlings as "necessary evils." He has been spotted visiting FC Brig-Glis, a sixth-division team in the Valais region of Switzerland. He has also been featured in newspapers and magazines.

The FIFA president is not only responsible for day-to-day business, but also for a host of important decisions. For example, Infantino has said he will look beyond Europe when selecting a FIFA secretary general. He has also been involved in the creation of a new code of ethics.

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