Best Way To Explore Delhi - Agra - Jaipur

Best Way To Explore Delhi - Agra - Jaipur

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Golden Triangle Tour India – Perfect Package To Experience Incredible India!

A trip to India is always captivating to foreigners as well as Indian travellers. Being a country
of diversity, India puts an ensuring impression on travellers and make them feel blessed
choosing this country as their tour destination. Be it the beauty of hills in the Northern side of
the country, or it is the exotic presence of nature in the South India, the experience of travelling
is always enthralling. Although, there are so many tour options in India, yet Golden Triangle
tour is one of the most loved travel package that attract tour enthusiasts a lot.
If you are also looking for tasting the best shades of Indian heritage and culture, then put your
attention on golden triangle tour in India now. Being an expert tour service provider in India,
we have designed the widest range of Golden Triangle tour packages namely, Golden Triangle
Tour Of 3 Nights 4 Days, 4 Days Golden Triangle Tour, and Golden Triangle Tour With

In addition to general Golden Triangle tour packages, we also have few city-specific options
which start from leading cities of the country. Experiencing the major tourists’ requests from
Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad, we already have tour options like golden triangle 4
days tour from Hyderabad, golden triangle 4 days tour from Ahmedabad, and golden
triangle 4 days tour from Mumbai. So choose any of the package and experience the
perfection in your next trip.

What to expect from your Golden Triangle Tour –
Combining India’s Capital – Delhi to Mughal City Agra – then Pink City, Jaipur, Golden
Triangle tour is a way to know Indian heritage from the core. The stories, the prestigious
history, and ancient India’s grace that we’ve read in our schools can better be traced during this
trip. In addition, there are so many interesting aspects of Golden Triangle tour which travellers
will observe by choosing a tour package available to us.

 Experience the Indian culture at its best – Fairs, festivals are rooted in our culture
and hence, the whole year, India experiences the vibrance of cultural events. But, when
you look up to best of these festivals, Delhi, Jaipur and Agra can present an
unmatchable vibes and the best experience. So, plan your Golden Triangle Tour around
Teej, Diwali, Holi etc. and see how amazing your vacations become.

 Get bewildered with lavishness of ancient architecture – You can’t take the feel of
prestigious architecture of ancient India merely by reading through the books and
magazines. The intricacy in designs, the difference in shine and quality of marble used
in Taj Mahal and modern buildings can only be understood when you closely check it
out. Moreover, the lavishly designed palaces located on hill-tops giving the real picture
of olden time is such a fabulous thing that you can only hit with Golden Triangle tour.

 Feel the power of spirituality – When you seek a break from your hectic boring
routine, the best way is to be at a place where you get a step closer to God and find
peace. If this is one of the reasons you look for a vacation, then Golden Triangle is a
right option as it allows travellers to visit some amazing sites famous for Hindu
pilgrims, Buddhists, Jains. Visit the famous Gurudwaras and Mosques where you feel
uplifted with spirituality.

 Taste the best of local cuisines – Every city, every culture gives a special place to its
cuisines. There could be similarity of the names of dishes; however when you will taste,
there will surely be a huge difference. It is because every region follows some certain
spices and technique to cook delicacies and that is why the authentic flavour of that
region can only be found when you are there. So, combination of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur
is a chance to taste the best of these three regions and give yourself a true treat of
amazing delicacies.

In addition to destination-specific reasons, Golden Triangle Tour packages that we provide are
known for serving comfort, safety, great experience, and fully guided tour. This is all a
vacationer desires in a perfect vacation away from home. So, whether you plan a tour with
family or friends, a Golden Triangle Tour will always satisfy your thrust in the best way.

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Kohinoorholidays travel blog images

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