6 Amazing Artists who Display their Virtual Work in the METAVERSE

6 Amazing Artists who Display their Virtual Work in the METAVERSE

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The concept of Metaverse is not new. It has been around for quite some time now. However, its popularity has only recently grown by leaps and bounds. The popularity of the Metaverse among artists has been increasing over the past few years. Unsurprisingly, many famous artists have started showcasing their work in this virtual space.

In recent years, several high-profile artists have embraced the Metaverse to connect with their fans and share their art with a broader audience. One such example is French artist Francois Nascimento who uses VR as a canvas to create paintings using virtual reality technology and display them in the gallery on Metaverse. Another artist who has taken this approach is American artist Trish Pertuz who makes unique pieces using virtual reality and other art forms.
More artists are turning to digital platforms, just like the Metaverse's Roblox, XANA, Decentraland, Sandbox, or Roblox, to showcase their skills and digital art, much of which features a surrealistic spin. Here are six artists showing they add the Metaverse to inspire you.

Here are six artists who entered the Metaverse and brought the future of entertainment into the present.

Laura Shoot

Laura Shoot is an abstract artist who lives in Buenos Aires and displays her artwork in the Metaverse. Her art pieces mix fantasy and reality, creating a dreamy, ethereal, and minimal aesthetic. Her work on OpenSea, such as "My Pink & Purple World," shows us many of her pieces as dreamy with sparkles, reflected light, and nightscapes that remind fuchsia and lavender.

Marshmello: Fortnite

The masked DJ Marshmello made his Metaverse debut way back in 2019 before the Metaverse was even really a thing; his Fortnite concert in February 2019 marked the primary crossover between the music industry and Fortnite's rapidly expanding Metaverse. By today's standards, Marshmello's 2019 concert already seems primitive, but it's still revolutionary for broadening the music industry's horizons and exposing the planet to the possibilities in the nascent Web 3 space. 

Travis Scott: Fortnite

Although Travis Scott wasn't the primary artist to perform in Fortnite, his April 2020 concert was the primary time that a Metaverse concert registered on the broader music landscape. With much of the planet still in lockdown, Scott's Fortnite performance became an unforgettable piece of pandemic monoculture alongside Tiger King, The Last Dance, and Andrew Cuomo. Over two years later, Scott's Fortnite appearance remains one of the most-attended concerts in the Metaverse, with nearly 28 million people tuning in. 

Soccer Mommy: Roblox

Whereas Marshmello and Travis Scott mega-stars who desire natural fits for the Metaverse, Soccer Mommy's inward-facing indie rock seems incongruent with the high-octane energy of the Metaverse. By being a reasonably small artist compared to her Metaverse peers, Soccer Mommy demonstrates the actual utility of the medium, using it to attach with her passionate fanbase in previously inaccessible ways. Earlier this month, Soccer Mommy promoted her new album Sometimes, Forever by hosting three days of games and events in Roblox, culminating with a concert. 


He is a famed street artist who became an art icon and is widely known for his Disney-esque cartoonish characters. Kaws has recently shown his artworks within the Metaverse with Serpentine Galleries. He was a part of a solo show called "New Fiction," where he displayed a skeletal figure art that can frolic the online world known as the role-playing video game Fortnite.

LaTurbo Avedon

This artist is known as an avatar designer and for creating unique digital art since 2008, long before the Metaverse hit the spotlight in popular culture. Avedon's artwork highlighted the relationship between users and the virtual world over the past decade and named the art collection "Progress is going to be Saved." This art collection was displayed in a virtual exhibition.


With the rising popularity of the Metaverse, artists are moving to the virtual space to showcase their skills and art. When people believed that Metaverse could be a fad, it turned out to be a golden opportunity for artists worldwide. With no barriers and limitations, artists can showcase their talent to a global audience, connect with their fans irrespective of distance, and many more. Many new artists are also taking steps toward the metaverse platform XANA after witnessing many known artists entering the virtual space.

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