Social Media Marketing Trends 2023

Social Media Marketing Trends 2023

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Social Media Marketing Trends 2023

The end of the year is approaching and it is time to start paying attention to the strategies you want to put into practice, as well as the updates. Find out what the 2023 social media marketing trends will be , new platforms, multisensory content and immersive experiences are some of them. Keep reading!

Social media audio will continue to grow

In recent years, platforms have grown towards video-based content, but the role of audio on social media is changing rapidly.

For example, Twitter has voice tweets and spaces, while LinkedIn has audio events.

Audio marketing is also gaining importance in the Metaverse. And this is also important in video elements, such as Instagram Reels.

Authenticity will be key

Video content is also related to this, and has been a trend in recent years. It is due to the need of users to see authenticity in the publications of the brands.

Overly edited images, overly staged videos are left out, authenticity is given greater preference. A good community manager can help you with this.

TikTok has been a key social network for this trend, as well as Be Real, a social network founded in 2020, but which grew a lot in 2022. People look for content with fewer filters and content that is more related to them. This is above the content so full of traditional filters on Instagram.

For its part, the launch of Instagram Candid is expected, which will send notifications to users at any time asking them for a photo with both cameras. TikTok Now will also send this notification, but apart from photos it will have videos. Both platforms are clearly copying BeReal.

short videos

It was one of the social media marketing trends 2022, YouTube is still the king in the area of ​​videos. This type of content is a key part of any marketing strategy, it is used on all the big platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course Instagram. Also check descargar videos de twitter

But TikTok is the one that has set the trend in the use of short videos, it is a phenomenon that reaches generation Z more, that is, younger audiences. But it does not mean that these are the only ones who like short audiovisuals.

The great advantage of short videos is that they are easy to create and very cheap.

influencer marketing

This is still one of the social media marketing trends 2023, although it has varied in recent years. Some speak of micro-influencers or nano-influencers, who have less than 10,000 followers.

The Hootsuite study explains that most small businesses do not work with influencers, the main barrier to this is prices. In this case, to get influencers you should research well and monitor relevant conversations in your industry.

Hootsuite recommends looking for creators who can collaborate with you to make content that is relevant and converts.

Your followers can also be influencers, another of the strategies for social networks 2023 involves using user-generated content (UGC). This helps you create a direct connection with your consumers and create a sense of credibility.

Specific content for each social network

Although many companies, especially small ones, share the same content on all social networks, some with minimal changes and others exactly the same, it is not the most recommended today.

Hootsuite's research indicates that companies that create new content for each social network feel more confident in their posts. This is above those who reuse the publications.

Remember that although many people have profiles on various social networks, they use them for different purposes. For example, it's clear that Twitter is a platform where people read news or get informed, while TikTok is more about fun content.

So, you shouldn't be posting the exact same thing on all social media. You must adapt the content and the way you present it to each platform. For this, the best thing to do is to audit your profiles and understand where your audience is and what they use them for.

Social networks for customer service

Social networks have evolved in recent years, they are feedback channels for businesses and, as a result, they are used as a customer service channel.

It serves as a direct line of communication with customers to solve their problems as soon as possible. It is the best way to connect with them. You can even answer not only privately, but also publicly and help them.

An example of the above is on Twitter, when customers have a complaint they usually mention the brand and they can respond publicly or privately. On Facebook, on the other hand, you have tools like chatbot, automatic responses, among others.

Despite the lack of trust, social commerce will continue to grow

One of the brakes that commerce in social networks has had is trust, according to Hootsuite. So the first thing you will need to work on to take advantage of these 2023 marketing trends is to create a good experience, make people trust that they will receive your products and that their data will be safe.

In recent years, social commerce has grown a lot, mainly due to the pandemic, but in recent months it has stagnated.

The key to success will be to offer a trustworthy experience to users. Today consumers are more informed than ever, they investigate brands and what they offer.

Convenience is also very important to customers, this means providing you with information as they use social media to search for product information. Therefore, how you represent your brand is key.

According to Instagram: “130 million people tap to see product tags in a post every month.”

LinkedIn will continue to grow

The social network that was previously seen only as an option to look for work has grown in engagement and in its use as an advertising tool.

SEO in social networks

A new competitor to Google emerged, social networks, the youngest use platforms like TikTok and Instagram to search for restaurants, clothing recommendations, recipes and more.

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