How much does IVF Treatment cost in Delhi for couples becoming parents?

How much does IVF Treatment cost in Delhi for couples becoming parents?

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How much does IVF treatment Cost in Delhi in 2022?

The estimated IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi ranges from INR 1 75,000 to INR 2 00 000 for one fresh IVF cycle. The package includes the pre-existing charges such as the complete IVF/ICSI cycle, IVF lab charges, consultation with experts, embryo & egg pick-up, fees of a fertility expert, routine blood tests, ultrasound scan, sperm preparation, etc.

IVF is a simple fertility procedure where the fertility expert picks the woman's eggs and mixes them with the sperm donor or biological father's sperm to ease the fertilization. Once the fertilization occurs, the formed embryo gets implanted into the birth mother's uterus & experts wait for pregnancy signs. The entire procedure will be performed outside the woman's body but in an IVF lab under the supervision of a highly skilled fertility expert.

If standard IVF doesn't work for you, then don't get disappointed, as, at the IVF Surrogacy clinic, we have various other advanced IVF procedures that help the couples become a parent of their baby.

What are the other procedures of IVF treatment in Delhi available & how much do advanced techniques of IVF cost in India Delhi?

a)      IUI:IUI is the advanced IVF treatment in Delhi which is less expensive than other fertility procedures. It is a procedure recommended for couples below 30, where the cause of infertility is unexplained. IUI is a fertility procedure where fertility experts collect the man's sperm & wash them properly. After cleaning the sperm, the fertility expert directly puts it into the biological mother's uterus & waits for pregnancy signs. In IUI, only a man's healthy sperms get closer to a woman's egg & which increases the chances of successful conception. IVF charges in Delhi with IUI procedure are around INR 70 000. ICSI is an advanced fertility procedure 

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