Take Mom for a Hike

Take Mom for a Hike

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I'm not sure if my mother knew that she would birth a child who's wild. A child who craves adventure. A child who doesn't conform to the "normal" standards of society. 

I wonder if she knew that she would birth a child who would rather be outside then inside. A child who is terrified she wont be able to see the entire world be she dies. A child who becomes restless and anxious if she can't travel and is somewhere for too long. 

She had to have known I was different at least. 

My mom recently came to visit me in Montana. I'm staying in Hungry Horse, MT which is a short 10 minute drive to the west entrance of Glacier National Park; the Crown of the Continent. My favorite place I've ever been to so far. 

I was so excited to share with her the amazing and raw beauty the park has to offer and show her why I love the park so much! 

The first day in the park we decided just to drive through and stop off at various points. We spent some time at Lake MacDonald, St. Mary's Lake, and various places along the Going-to-the-Sun Road. It was great! 

The second day we did a day hike. We pulled out my trusty Day Hikes of Glacier National Park book and found a hike we thought we could do in a day. We decided to hike the Trail of the Cedars and then continue onto the Avalanche Lake Trail. 

Trail of the Cedars is right off the road and east access, get there early or parking will not happen, the trail is handicap accessible and a nice walk through some beautiful cedar trees. It's a short loop trail. In the middle of the loop you can break off and hike up to Avalanche Lake. I highly recommend that you do. 

Avalanche Lake Trail is a good beginner hike. There's some easy hiking spots and some that will be a little tough for a beginner but doable. First off when getting on the trail you come to the Avalanche Gorge which is beautiful and so interesting! It's fabulous to see how to water from the falls within the gorge have shapped the rocks and canyon that make up the gorge. The colors of the rocks are impecable! 

You will have some of the most amazing views hiking and once you get up to Avalanche Lake you'll be happy you did it. It's a fantastic view and unforgettable. It's a glacial lake and the water is nice and cool. Our pictures were a bit smokey because of the wildfires going on in Montana but it was still worth it and made for some amazing views and a nice spot to have a snack. 

I loved hiking with my mom. I wish she could have stayed a little longer in Montana with me. It was great to be able to visit with my mom in nature and just to be in eachothers presence and experience something epic together. 

Since I left home 11 years ago and got married awesome moments and memories like this don't happen as often as I'd like them to be. So, when I get to have them I cherish the hell out of them. Maybe it should be something we do often together. Plan hikes & Go!

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Wanderlustheather travel blog images

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