6 tips to make your long essays more interesting

6 tips to make your long essays more interesting

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Most students often underestimate the art of writing a good essay. One of the reasons for this is that the task may seem easy, and it can be assumed that anyone can write a decent essay.

However, mastering the skill of writing a good essay takes time and effort, but once you have mastered it, you will be able to apply your skills in all your future academic assignments.

Essay writing is a complex procedure that should be done carefully. When we get used to English in high school, we face many problems in writing an essay without grammatical and spelling mistakes.

When writing essays on multiple subjects, mastering this art can be tricky. Here are guidelines for  writing an informative  essay that sets you apart from your peers.

Know Your Reader:

You will create an essay for your audience and you need to make sure they can read it.

Start from the point of view of your intended reader, who may be a busy college student who is also likely a native English speaker. 

They are probably in their late teens or early twenties and have reading and writing levels, so even though you may have good writing skills, it's important to make your topic accessible to that audience.

Two step plan:

The introduction is half of your essay and should be well prepared: list four important points that you want to showcase in your letter.  

Development is the  main part of your essay  where you can include your background information, plan, opinion analysis, etc. 

Write attention-grabbing paragraphs:

The most effective way to capture the attention of a reader, audience, or viewer of any piece of work you write or present is to start with a compelling paragraph of punchlines, inventive presentations, and more.

Extensive research is key:
Research is an integral part of  writing a good essay. If you don't research the topic, you will never be able to write an essay effectively. 

You should write down facts, opinions, and views on your topic so that your essay looks attractive and impressive. Exploring is fun, but only if you know how.


The conclusion is the final paragraph of the essay. It should summarize your main points in a new way so that readers will remember your strongest arguments. 

You can also include some suggestions as to how your research should move forward, but be careful not to make suggestions too general, as this may require another article.

Proofreading required:
Your essay should not contain grammatical or spelling errors. Proofreading is the last step in which a person checks what has already been written for possible errors in sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, and paragraphs. 

The proofreading process does not always involve editing or rewriting. Sometimes the editor/writer may simply re-read the entire text to check for and correct errors.

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