Britain’s Love Affair with Chinese Food

Britain’s Love Affair with Chinese Food

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Britain loves Chinese food, and that fact can be confirmed by the number of restaurants and takeaways you can find in every city in the UK. Each restaurant serves classics from their hometowns in China, amongst them Cantonese and Sichuan are particularly popular. Chinese food is not new to British people, they have known Chinese cuisine since centuries. Big cities like London and Liverpool had links with China since the 19th century because of trade and commerce that took place between the two countries.

The first time British public tasted Chinese food was in London 1884 at the international Health Exhibition. Everything was transported from China, from chefs, to all the necessary ingredients and the decorations as well.


The public loved the Chinese food, it was an absolute hit amongst the people. By the 1880, the first Chinatown was established in London, around Limehouse, but which later moved to Soho.


The early Chinese restaurants were plain and practical since the owners were poor, the dishes they served consisted of curry dishes, chop suey and mostly Cantonese food.

However, that day is now in the past, things have changed immensely as people in the UK have gained more knowledge of Chinese food. There is an increase in regional Chinese food as people realised there is more to Chinese cuisine than just Cantonese food. So now restaurants serve a range of Chinese dishes that are from different provinces like Hunan, Northern China, Sichuan and beyond.


Founded in 2011, MamaLan is an authentic Chinese restaurant that was born out of a supper club. It is one of the restaurants that strives to provide genuine Chinese food that isn’t just a westernised version of Cantonese cuisine. The recipes are all traditional but with a modern twist to it. All ingredients used at MamaLan are of high quality, with only the fresh ingredients that maximise taste and give the customers an enjoyable experience.


Just as Britain loves Chinese cuisine, they grew to love MamaLan’s food which is proven by the success of their supper club and the success of the MamaLan’s brand across London. Currently operating at three different locations in London, the first restaurant was opened in Brixton Village, and then only a couple of years later, another restaurant was established at Clapham Common and lastly in Canary Wharf. MamaLan has certainly made its mark in London’s Chinese Cuisine and continues to work hard to ensure quality food with only the most authentic and delicious flavours.

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