Car Safety Checklist Before the Road

Car Safety Checklist Before the Road

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There is nothing as exciting as hitting the road and cruising around some fascinating part of Australia. After all, this is the go-to family activity in this country during holidays and even weekends. In that situation the last thing you want to have happen is some unexpected mechanical failure on your car. That is why Australia has some strict road safety regulations, and in order to ensure that everyone is safe you should definitely take a closer look at your car before the road trip. Here is an essential car safety checklist before a long journey. 

Keep your engine cool
By far the most important part of your car is your engine. That is why one of the most important factors for keeping your engine running flawlessly for a very long time is to keep it cool. The engine’s cooling system can break down leading to an even bigger issue of losing your engine as well. Once your engine is cold, you can check the coolant level in the cooler’s tank. Make sure it is above the minimum threshold mark. Even if there is plenty of fluid in the tank, the quality of the coolant can degrade over time so make sure that it has the right color. It should be either green or orange. 

Check your steering 
You must have total control over your vehicle. This is especially true when travelling longer distances where you might encounter some bumps or a serpentine road. Therefore, make sure your suspension and steering systems are working perfectly. You can look for any imbalances if you pay attention to where your wheel is pulling. If the steering wheel vibrates often something is definitely out of balance. However, the problem is a bit more complicated than that and it requires a more holistic approach. When checking your steering wheel, make sure to exclude the possibility that one of your tyres might be more inflated compared to the other. This will cause your vehicle to keep swaying to one side. If you hear noise coming from inside your steering wheel, you might be dealing with a worn-out steering bush or a wheel bearing. 

The condition of your tyres
Tyres are in constant contact with the ground and you should check your tyres regularly for any possible punctures or tears, and there is some harsh terrain out there on Australian roads to look out for. Your tires are more likely to suffer such damage if they are already thin and running out of tread. Measure how deep the tread is on your car, which is especially important if you suspect that one of your tyres is more inflated than the other. You might need professional help. Luckily professional Paddington car servicing can help you gauge your tyres using specialized equipment as well as realign your steering. This will keep your tires in perfect condition not just for the road, but also in the long run.

Are your brakes worn out?
Having good control over the vehicle also entails having reliable brakes. Make sure your brakes are not worn out. Luckily, you will be able to tell easily by a loud squealing noise, or lack thereof. In addition, check the car’s hydraulic fluid reservoir as well and flush out any water build up. 

Check the car’s battery
People often face issues when starting their vehicles. However, know that this might not be your engine but rather your battery. If the battery is at the end of its lifespan, you might have a hard time starting your car. You will typically hear a slow turning sound. This is a common occurrence for batteries that are over three years old, so make sure to be on the lookout past that point. 

Travelling by a car brings a lot of satisfaction. The convenience of cars has allowed people to become extremely mobile, however, there are certain responsibilities that come with that. Make sure to: keep your engine cool, check your tires and steering, notice any squealing noises when braking and check your battery’s life.

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