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Shashkay online glasses store which provides fashion sunglasses and decent optics to the customers. Shashkay is a trustworthy website which has a huge audience to buy glasses online. Shashkay stock consists of men, women and kids eyewear. Categories of Shashkay have metal eye wear in different sizes

Sunglasses are the better solution for your eyes to save from the UV rays and dust particles. These are the misconceptions that dark sunglasses provide more protection to the eyes. While examining the different lenses and types, the darker one does not provide the protection but it depends upon the double coating and color it's coated with. These enhance UV absorption. When shopping for new sunglasses then take a look at this. It's paramount. If you're wondering about the darker glasses then maybe it's your eyes that are sensitive to light then you have to buy the sunglasses that protect you from 99 per UV light.

Instead of looking for the darker glasses, look for the glasses that provide protection for your eyes to avoid potential eye issues. If you are looking for darker sunglasses then maybe you are looking for style. It also adds more enhancement to your wardrobe.


There are immense styles of sunglasses available out there. You can customize the color feature and special features such as polarization, mirrored sunglasses. And photochromic glasses. The coating and special features are essential because it increases the protection for your eyes. If you have any concerns and queries then contact your eye specialist then he might guide you more. darker glasses are also bought because they are more than the protection, also provide the fashion. Therefore the cost is not much different from the sunglasses they are cost-efficient.

 Are darker glasses better for eye protection? no, they are not, because just darkness does not provide the protection it depends upon the coating, double-coated sunglasses provide more protection to eyes.

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Shashkay travel blog images

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travel blog

asifkamar March 14th, 2022

Hi, I am Asif Kamar. I will tell you about Shashkay Sunglasses. sunglasses have many varieties, colors, and all sizes. Comfortable to wear, it protects the eye from UV rays, and feels cool. The quality is good. I have Shashkay eyewear and Sunglasses. Their price is reasonable and their sunglasses are durable and more attractive. It was a very good eyewear store with Men's and Women's Sunglasses Must visit the store in Pakistan.

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