How to Get Real and Targeted Followers on Facebook

How to Get Real and Targeted Followers on Facebook

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How to Get Real and Targeted Followers on Facebook

As a social media focused company, we know how important it is for marketers to get more followers on Facebook. Having more followers on Facebook allows you to get your content, your message and your products to a greater number of potential customers. But increasing the number of followers on Facebook can be difficult.

If you want to improve your marketing strategy on social networks, and specifically if you want to increase the number of followers and "likes" on Facebook, this article will explain how to do it.

How to Get a Facebook Follower Boost: 5 Proven Tactics

Five reliable and proven ways to get more followers on Facebook are:

·       Create content around fashion topics

·       Use hashtags in your Facebook posts

·       Download Facebook follow button

·       Organize contests and giveaways on Facebook

·       Post videos on Facebook

Learn more about each tactic in the following post.

1. How to get followers on Facebook by creating content around Trending Topics

An easy way to increase engagement (and your following) on ​​Facebook is to publish posts, blogs, videos, and other types of content that address popular topics. There are plenty of free tools you can use to find the hot topics:  Facebook Trends,  BuzzFeed Trends , and  BuzzSumo  - to name a few. Monitor these platforms regularly and move quickly as what is trending today can easily become outdated tomorrow, and this type of content can grab the attention of influencers and can help you get in front of your target audience. Also check Descargar videos de Facebook

To jump on the St. Patrick's Day bandwagon that generates social media attention each year, Dove created a graphic showing a rainbow made of its chocolates with different colored wrappers. The photo was a simple, creative and fun way to insert her brand into the St. Patrick's Day conversation.

2. Use hashtags in your Facebook posts

Think of hashtags as the connective tissue that holds the entire body of social media conversation together. When you use them, you are essentially connecting your posts to other relevant posts to create a clear and easy path to your page. Beware: don't go crazy with the use of hashtags – limit each post to a few hashtags or you risk losing your readers' interest. Try tools like Hashatit ,  Hashtagify AND  Keyhole .

Instead of using industry-specific hashtags all the time, consider using a few recurring hashtags for certain days of the week, like #motivationmonday ,  #throwbackthursday , and  #sundayfunday .

Take a page from the CreditRepair book: When the brand recognized social media's obsession with motivational quotes, it took   #motivationmonday to a new level by creating a custom quote graphic from Apple legend Steve Jobs. The company also added its logo to the graphic to boost brand recognition.

3. Download the Facebook follow button

You can make it easier for Facebook users to connect with your Page by downloading and installing the Follow Button for Facebook. It takes the guesswork out of connecting to your page, showing them upfront that you have a Facebook presence and eliminating the need for the user to search for your brand on their own. When Facebook users want to follow you, all they have to do is click the follow button for Facebook. This allows you to take people who find you through other social media platforms (like LinkedIn or Pinterest or Instagram or wherever) and turn them into real people who are true Facebook followers so you can continue to engage with them throughout weather.

It only takes two steps to configure and install the button on your site. Just add your Facebook account URL, customize your button design, and you're good to go!

4. Host contests and raffles (giveaways) on Facebook

Let's be honest: everyone loves free stuff — it's a great strategy for growing your Facebook followers, especially if you're a retailer. By running a contest or giveaway for one of your upcoming products or product lines, you can attract more Facebook users and potential customers. If you don't sell items, try partnering with companies that do.

The food utensil company, Williams Sonoma, saw an opportunity to gain participation and activity by promoting the Portland Food Festival. To attract attention for its brand, the company held a contest to win tickets to a popular food festival and a 10-piece set of its cookware.

5. Post Facebook Videos

More than 8 billion videos and 100 million hours of video are consumed on Facebook every day. Promote your brand by making your own videos to attract users. Be sure to maintain a consistent brand style and tone to make them more recognizable to visitors as your social media presence grows. If this strategy is out of your budget or resources, you can start by sharing popular, interesting, and profitable videos from reputable sources.

To generate interest in its new "Untouchable 3 Elite" shoe, Nike created a short video starring Saquon Barkley, Penn State's quarterback and one of the top major NFL draft picks. The video garnered plenty of user engagement with iconic Nike storytelling brimming with drama, intrigue and inspiration.

More Facebook page followers are at your fingertips

As stated above, the basics of getting more Facebook page likes and followers are maintaining a consistent brand presence, engaging with the audience, and appealing to their needs and interests. Start incorporating these tips (and those from our other guides, like how to pin a post on FB ) into your daily posting strategy to see immediate results. The longer you follow these tips and the more you integrate them into your overall social media strategy, the better your results will be.

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