How to get Public & private hire insurance. Get Quote!

How to get Public & private hire insurance. Get Quote!

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Public and private hire insurance

It is impossible to stress how important taxi insurance is, and having it ensures your complete protection. To make an informed selection about private hire insurance, all that is needed is to be aware of taxi insurance quotes. But if you've ever dealt with an insurance agent, you know how crucial it is to have a solid insurance coverage in place before you start operating your cab. Any driver may use taxi services, regardless of whether they are operating a vehicle for hire or public usage.

What kind of insurance coverage should you pick? Which choice should we make? Due to the fact that it has been divided into two categories, there is a brief summary when it comes to selecting a policy. The first is insurance for taxis used for public hiring, while the second is insurance for taxis used for private hire. Public hire is incredibly reasonable and economical. It is also inexpensive with a reasonable fee because it is based on the general public and a business license is straightforward to obtain. Contrarily, private hire insurance deals with a wide range of subjects.

Specialists in Private Hire Taxi Insurance

We are aware that taxi insurance is one of a driver's largest expenses, so getting the greatest bargain on the most appropriate level of protection is essential. Therefore, we make sure that our charges are among the lowest available, and we offer more coverage as standard than any other taxi insurer.

Protect My Taxi's private hire insurance comes standard with windscreen coverage, our excess reduction option, and safeguarded no claims in the event that you are hit by an uninsured motorist. For this level of coverage, we are confident that we won't be outbid on price.

What makes taxi insurance necessary?

You need to obtain taxi insurance if you drive a cab. It is meant to protect you, your vehicle, and your clients when you drive a car that is being used for commercial hire. To submit an application, you must have a full taxi driver's license.

All types of taxi services, including traditional black cabs and ride-hailing apps like Uber, are covered by insurance plans. It's crucial to note that having the right kind of auto insurance enables you to defend your way of life in the event that a claim is made against you. 

What should taxi insurance protect against?

Public liability coverage is ideal for taxi insurance policy. This may include any legal actions or compensation demands from clients who are hurt or have their property destroyed while riding in your taxi.

Taxi insurance also considers the following:

Taxis typically log more miles than individual vehicles.
Taxi drivers frequently interact with passengers, especially intoxicated and disorderly ones.
Taxis are frequently operated in congested areas and under pressure.
Driving frequently occurs at odd hours.

Can you use a taxi for private transportation?

If your insurance policy specifically allows you to do this, you may use your taxi for personal purposes. However, unless they are also registered as a taxi driver, other members of your household most likely won't be covered to drive your vehicle.  

You should be aware that not all licensing authorities will permit individuals who lack a taxi driver's license to operate a vehicle that is registered for private & public hire insurance, even if it is only for domestic use. Always double-check the specifics of your policy to ensure that you are protected.

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