Cheapest impounded van insurance- Get a quote today

Cheapest impounded van insurance- Get a quote today

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What is impounded van insurance?

The last thing you need is your van impounded, specifically, if you depend on it to keep your business running. Whatever the reason is that your van has been impounded, you should turn your whole focus to getting it released as quickly as it can be.

There are a few things you will be required to release an impounded van, and the most important one is insurance coverage. Without insurance coverage, the authorities will not release your vehicle even if you have everything else in place.

Whatever your circumstances, Release my vehicle can find you the cheapest impounded van insurance. We offer excellent value van insurance for:

Drivers with driving convictions, drivers with claims or no-claim bonus.
All types of use including hire and reward, carriage of goods, and special vans
High-rated postal codes, hard-to-cover occupations, and non-standard conditions

Finding cheap impounded van insurance can be tough if your situation is non-standard. Maybe you have driving convictions or claims on your record, you are a new driver, or your insurance needs just do not meet the standard customer profile, you have probably been quoted some very high insurance premiums.

Release my vehicle’s impounded van insurance team

At Release my vehicle, our team of insurance experts at finding specialist impounded van insurance coverage for drivers in all sorts of non-standard conditions. We have got a dedicated team of insurers who can provide affordable cover for drivers in a large range of unique conditions. You can get an insurance quote by calling our team.

Van insurance delivers excellent value for

Van drivers with driving convictions
Impounded van insurance
Drivers with previous claims
Drivers with non-motoring convictions
A driver living in a highly-rated postal codes

Release my vehicle has got you covered

Specialist van insurance for drivers with criminal offenses
The cover is third-party only
Access to a large panel of insurers
Flexible payment options to meet your requirements

Will your standard insurance be able to release an impounded van?

If you have committed an offense that would need your van to be impounded then you fall into a high-risk category for your insurance, therefore insurance providers would be unlikely to cover you if you wanted an impounded van to be covered when taking out your original insurance policy. Likewise, the current standard van insurance policy will not cover if the van is impounded.

The authorities will always check whether or not you have particularly taken out an impounded van insurance policy before they will allow driving your van out of the police pound again. While there, unfortunately, is not any other way around this, here at Release my vehicle, we can help to provide you with the insurance you need to release an impounded van from impound.

If you need to get your impounded van released as a matter of urgency, you will be happy to know that you can have cover in place quickly, and we have made arranging cover as quickly as possible. Impounded vehicle policy is particularly designed to allow you to release your van quickly and without much fuss.

Our experienced staff are professionals at finding the right insurance for impounded vans. Whether it is specialist van insurance or young drivers to get new recruits to your business up and running, we can assist you.

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