Running Into Adventures

Running Into Adventures

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Breathe it in.

Adventure is a journey into uncertainty. Uncertainty is definitely anxiety provoking for many, if not all. I can totally relate to this. My past Thailand trip in August 2017 had opened my mind, eyes, body, and soul into a whole new realm that I never thought I would have been able to step into two years ago. I’m that typical Type A personality that wants to know everything, be certain of everything, before I make the leap. But life is not about certainty no matter what we do or how we think. Cliché as it sounds, life just...happens. And learning to take adversities, challenges, as they come, is how we can truly grow as individuals. A lot of people say it, but really, travel can for sure change your perspective. Travel, especially to foreign places where you do not know the language, culture, place, and pretty much anything can stir up a bunch of anxiety, put your mind in vulnerable states. It’s uncomfortable! But you learn so much, so here goes one of my tales of adventures.

My travel companion and I were staying in Mueang, Chiang Mai – or as others would call it, Old City. Old City is a great place to stay at as there are a wide variety of food places and little shops that are walkable distance. Plus you’re very close to the Weekend Night Markets, the Sunday Night Bazaar particularly. Although there are red taxis, regular taxis, and tuk tuks available, I would recommend renting a motor scooter and taking on adventures on your own.

Mae Rim is a province in Chiang Mai that is up in some mountainous terrain like area. My travel companion had an objective to pet a tiger, and petting tigers we went towards Tiger Kingdom – an hour away from Old City. I made sure to do my proper research to make sure that this place did not sedate their animals. Of course there is controversy, but of all the places, this seemed like the most legit place where animals were not sedated. Example – I almost got my face bitten off by a small lion! Talk about direct eye contact and me trusting that lion too much to not bite me while my travel companion was like a billion feet away already. The tigers seemed to be more mellowed out than the lions for sure. But my travel companion definitely had some anxiety during the whole ordeal. It was quite entertaining to watch him slightly freak out when the tiger whipped it’s tail over his hat, causing his hat to come down further on his head.
After this little animal adventure, we made our way towards the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple – another hour from Tiger Kingdom. Now this drive was amazing and cool – literally cool, like there was shade and the breeze felt nice. We actually stumbled upon the temple area on accident even though Google Maps was telling us to go ahead and continue. We had decided to stop by an area before the temple that had a variety of different shops that sold items for much cheaper than back in town. We met a kind saleslady that entertained us with singing bowls and taught us the art of mastering the bowl. I know she was pitching us for a sale – and it worked. My travel companion and I are into meditative techniques and the vibrations we felt from the bowl felt so amazing and put us into a meditative state that we just had to buy a couple before heading up the billion steps up to the temple. I have to say, I think I enjoyed the panoramic picturesque views from the temple than the actual temple. You can literally see the entire city from the area of the temple. And no pictures, no videos, can do that view justice – it truly was amazing.

We decided to see what was up the road past the temple a little more, and so we went, with actually no research of what was ahead. And this is how we ran into the Doi Village, a Hmong village in Chiang Mai.

NOW talk about views. We were literally up in the clouds and had amazing views of the area. I just felt such at peace up in this village, and especially in the garden area. We walked around, had a guy convince us to buy a diamond – probably not real, but oh well, then shopped at the small shops which were way way cheaper than other places. We eventually made our way back down to our home in Chiang Mai as it was starting to get dark and we didn’t want to get stranded just in case our little scooter had issues.

So talk about adventure. All in one day. This day, I believe was the day that changed my perspective and had me reflect on lots of aspects in my life. I thank my travel companion for joining me on these adventures. But for a Type A personality, I never thought I could just “go with it” as much as I did on this day. We as humans are capable of change, but only if are open and allow ourselves to be. Personality is the hardest to change. But not impossible. Adventure is truly out there. You never know what you will discover.

Take a moment and breath. Breathe in that uncertainty is a welcoming catalyst to wonderful adventures. Sometimes you just run into adventures, and this is where you let life happen.

Check out my Chiang Mai adventure in video form: Chiang Mai, Thailand August 2017

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The Wanderer October 19th, 2017

Was considering spending some time in Chiang Mai this winter, I think you've just sold it to me! I love tigers and amazing views, so...yeah.

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