How to maintain the signal jammer?

How to maintain the signal jammer?

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2G3G4G adjustable mobile phone signal interference company, it effectively shields the transmission, domestic mobile communication is a realistic and developed high-tech product, the product independently developed by us, production, sales and imported components are all using foreign advanced technology microwave signal between radio and mobile phone . This small jammer product adopts imported parts, mechanical patch welding technology, mass production of assembly line, high efficiency and strict control, to ensure product quality, stable performance, and durability! and many more. Let us know your whereabouts! It only interferes with GPS satellite signals and does not affect the normal response of the mobile phone. Equipped with strict mobile phone jammer devices to detect radio wave jammers. Small size, high output, light weight, large coverage area, 3G/4G phone jammers are easy to carry. Effectively prevent GPS satellite positioning systems for mobile phones/cars! No longer protected by God's whereabouts. Worry! Strictly tested by the National Radio and Television Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, all technical indicators meet the allowable standards for environmental electromagnetic radiation intensity levels.

The signal interference of this high-end mobile phone is special signal interference such as school logos. The WiFi jammer has the following characteristics in consideration of the specific purpose of the special pie, which is specially designed for the customized development of the product pie. The built-in antenna design eliminates the possibility of damage to the student antenna and avoids the trouble of screw antennas. The more accurate range of 8-channel shielding design is the anti-interference ability: high-end mobile phone signal interference 6 and -8 channel design, radio jammer shields jitter, sometimes no phenomenon completely shields the SMS shielding method, even when solving the 3G mobile phone shielding, the base station distance The transmission of base station equipment is also relatively close. Multiple base stations protect the cell phone from shielded rooms, even if you can use it to send signals. Due to the multi-channel design, it is bound to increase the product cost. The communication suppression device ordinary mobile phone signal jammer may be inconsistent with this product. It is mainly aimed at some high-end users. Introduced, China Unicom, Telecom, the only downlink interference signal is the uplink signal of the green mobile operator that never pollutes the electromagnetic environment. The super-powerful obstruction machine affects the mobile phone signal, including the use of sub-shielding methods.

I will show you how to protect the mobile signal jammer. Before cleaning, plug in the electronic information protection device with the power plug. Do not wipe the electronic information protection with a damp cloth, and do not use cleaning fluids to protect the electronic information. The housing does not protect electronic information in water or humid places. To prevent water and moisture from entering the electronic information protection unit, the housing not only holds too much dust, but also houses a small interference machine to ensure a clean electronic information protection working environment, because it may Causes electrostatic adsorption, which may cause communication problems. The electromagnetic environment requires electronic information protection systems, and the impact on interference will be affected by external interference. For this, you should be careful! The AC socket enables the equipment of the AC power system to effectively filter the interference power. The WiFi blocker should be connected to the single-phase three-wire power socket and filter circuit at PGND. Long-distance wireless transmitter protects electronic information from radar stations and high-frequency equipment. Electronic information protector has very low heat and adopts natural cooling method. It is ventilated and protected around the vents, and the electronic information is protected with a 10 cm gap, and no wooden stakes are placed to keep the electronic information unobstructed.

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