Andaman tour package for 6 nights 7 days

Andaman tour package for 6 nights 7 days

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Perfect Andaman Tour For 7 Days
Looking for the Andaman tour package for 6 nights 7 days? The stunning beaches and
extensive mangroves of the Andaman Islands make it the ideal location for a romantic getaway. It
is breathtaking to see a place with gleaming white sand, blue water, and magnificent corals. With
your loved ones by your side, explore the aquatic treasures and enjoy the peaceful sunrises and
sunsets. Take this fantastic 6-day journey for the ideal getaway with your special someone.
The Andaman Islands' beaches provide opportunities for unwinding, tanning, and a variety of
exhilarating water sports. The Elegant 6-Day Andaman travel package is a meticulously organised
tour that will give you a wonderful vacation. The Andaman Islands are a fantastic getaway from
the stresses of metropolitan life.
The Highlights of the Itinerary
Additionally included are excursions to Radhanagar Beach and Elephant Beach.
Inside the Cellular Jail are coral reefs with a diversity of marine life and recreational opportunities
at Bharatpur and Laxmanpur Beaches.
a tranquil experience on the beaches of Neil, Port Blair, Havelock, and Ross Island.
An entire itinerary of 6 Nights and 7 Days
Day 1: Arrival in Port Blair
Port Blair is the only airbase from which you may fly to the Andaman Islands. Even though it's not
the most fascinating or picturesque location, it's required for landing and access to smaller
You should therefore go to the airport in the morning or the afternoon.
You will now need to look for lodging if you decided not to sign up for any tour packages provided
by a third party that include hotels. Some of Port Blair's most popular tourist locations for hotels
include Foreshore Road, Aberdeen Bazaar, Goal Ghar, Junglighat, etc.
Corbyn's Cove beach
Corbyn's Cove Beach, which is 6 miles from Port Blair town and great for swimming and
sunbathing, is a beautiful place to start your transition. A hotel, a café, a bar, and exciting water
sports are among the amenities. On the route to this beach, historical remnants like Japanese
bunkers could be visible.
Portable Jail
The mobile jail with its light and sound performance will provide more fun, excitement, and
patriotism after you've had your fill of the beach. This three-story jail was built by the British in
1906, and it is a well-known hangout for freedom fighters.
Chidiya Tapu: The setting point
If you have the time, Chidiya Tapu, also referred to as "Sunset Point," near Port Blair, the primary
tourist destination for the Andaman Islands, is a great place to see the sun set or set. From
Chidya Tapu Beach to Munda Pahad, there is a pleasant stroll through dense coastal vegetation
and beautiful sandy beaches.
Day 2 and Day 3 on Havelock Island

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6nights travel blog images

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