Oxford vibes: must see places

Oxford vibes: must see places

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Posted on September 7, 2017 Edit"Oxford vibes: must see places"
I never thought about taking fashion blogger photos in Oxford, while strolling around one of the world’s oldest universities.

I was in the UK recently and I want to share with you top 3 places to visit.

1. Oxford Castle

One of the must sees of Oxford, the Norman medieval castle is now quite a modern site. Its prison closed in 1996 and was redeveloped as a hotel, which looked fabulous. If you ever fancy a chic stay in an old site, Malmaison seems quite the choice.

Whether you choose a tour ( a full tour is 11£), or just walk around and go up the hill (for 1£), it’s a place where you can take some amazing photos and just spend a nice time laying on the grass overlooking Oxford. It was a sunny day so we enjoyed some quiet time on the mount. There’s also a castle yard cafe, where you can have coffee, read a book. Or if you feel like having Italian food, a pizza place awaits you.

With Jordan Simons (follow him on Youtube – Life of Jord)

Thanks for the photos, btw, @Jordan! 

2. Covered Market, Oxford

For fashion lovers & heart breakers, for vintage Burberrys and beyond, for weird hats and silk dresses, you’ll find everything at the Covered Market! It’s full of surprises as you walk along the kiosks. Back in the days, people were used to having their stalls in untidy locations so they started building here butcher’s shops. Slowly, more stalls were added (fish shops, cake shops,etc). Now it’s one of the world’s most famous markets, offering a wide variety of traditional food (sheperd’s pie, British sausage rolls, Chelsea buns, scones) and many many other mouth watering foods.

3. The Dome (or the Radcliffe Camera)

This is probably one of the most photographed sights in Oxford, it was constantly surrounded by tourists trying to take a perfect shot of it. Its harmonious round shape makes for one good Instagram photo with it in the background:)

It is actually home to the Radcliffe Science library and it is located north of the famous St.Mary’s Church. You cannot enter unless you have a student badge or you’re one of the library’s regular frequenter. Opposite the Dome there is one of the prettiest cafes in Oxford, so you can chill for a bit.


4. New College, Oxford

When we arrived in Oxford and got off the Park&Ride bus, it was the first building we came across and thought we’d go in and check it out. Of course, as everywhere in Oxford, you have to pay. This one was one of the cheapest sites, actually, about 3£ each. If you want to do them all in Oxford, be prepared to spend about 100£ just on entrance tickets…

It had a very romantic and mysterious back yard, and an imposing chapel. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go in the dining hall, as it was under renovations. But it seems to be very similar to the on in Harry Potter. However, we took the chance and snapped some photos with the great architecture and blue skies 

All photo credits to Jordan Simons

All in all, it was great to have a day in Oxford ! I didn’t buy eventually an Oxford t-shirt and though I wanted to also take a hoodie and pretend I’m a student there, hey, you can’t be everything,right? 

Oh and did you know that the City of Oxford College has an amazing fashion program? #goals #inthenameoffashion I think it’s soo amazing to be a student there!

Anyways, have fun if you go there !



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Jestan Mendame September 7th, 2017

Love the pictures Olivia! Oxford has such a really nice hint of class to it.

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