How to Get Followers on Twitter

How to Get Followers on Twitter

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How to Get Followers on Twitter

How to get followers on Twitter is a question that can be easily answered, but in practice, it takes work that must be much disciplined to achieve the desired objectives.

A steady increase in the number of people following you is one of the biggest signs of a successful Twitter strategy.

However, a million Twitter followers are pretty useless if only two of them are engaging with their Tweets on a regular basis.

So with this article we want to focus on gaining the right followers, quality followers, in other words.

People who are really relevant to your business, who can help increase the reach of your messages or tweets and become brand advocates, or better yet, you’re most loyal customers.

Aside from the strategies for getting new followers outlined below, our number one tip is to be patient and work hard.

Gaining thousands of followers does not happen overnight. Like any social media network, success on Twitter requires a commitment of time and energy, along with a willingness to take risks and adapt new ideas as you go.

Are you really interested in learning how to get more followers on Twitter?

To stay focused, these are the points that you should take into account the most when trying to get new followers on the characters' social platform.

Increase the visibility of your profile

If you want to know how to get more followers on Twitter, especially if you are just starting out on this social network with your business account, one of the easiest solutions is to make it easier for people to find your profile, so you have to increase its visibility.  Also check descargar videos de twitter

These are some suggestions to improve your profile and thus be more seen as you wish.

Complete your profile

When someone is deciding whether or not to follow you, there's a good chance they'll be looking through your entire profile before making their decision.

Your Twitter profile offers a number of ways to communicate who you are and what you do in order to attract new followers. A complete profile includes:

·         Name: If you couldn't come up with an ideal username on Twitter, make sure your profile name reflects your brand the way you want it to by staying within the 15-character limit. The less, the better, because it will be easy to remember.

·         Bio: In the bio, you will have 160 characters to describe yourself. Make it count and describe yourself to the best of your ability and creatively.

·         Location: Let people know where to find you with your location.

·         Website: Take advantage and place the link to your business website or blog.

·         Profile photo: Your profile photo will be seen along with every Tweet you send. Make sure the dimensions are correct. 400 × 400 pixels is recommended.

·         Cover or Header Image: The cover image is the large image at the top of your profile that sits behind your profile image. Having a stretched or pixelated header image can make potential new followers see you as unprofessional about social media, so make sure it's sized appropriately. Twitter recommends using an image that is 1500 × 500 pixels.

·         Pinned Tweet: This is a relatively new feature, and one that is often overlooked. This option is used to pin any Tweet you've sent to the top of your profile, making it the first message your followers will see on the profile. Pin a tweet about a current campaign or seasonal event, or one of your most popular Tweets that you think will help attract more followers.

Promote your profile on other platforms

Embedding your Twitter feed on your website can make it easier for your audience to discover your account and follow you without ever leaving the page.

Similarly, incorporating your Tweets into your blog posts can also drive potential new followers to your account.

Linking your Twitter account in your email signature and newsletters is another way to increase your visibility and reach new followers.

You can be smarter than just asking your Facebook followers to follow you on Twitter as well. Tell them you'll give them discount coupons if they do and watch your numbers increase.

Use Twitter for your live events

When it comes to real-time coverage of events, Twitter will be your best ally.

If you're attending a conference or event, be sure to participate on Twitter using the event's official hashtag. This will help you interact with the people attending the event and increase the visibility of your profile.

If your company is hosting an event, make sure you make a very creative related hashtag.

Use your offline media to promote your profile

Think about where you can place a notice for new or existing customers to follow you on Twitter within your product or embedded materials.

Include your Twitter handle in any offline marketing materials that you think could impact and generate potential new followers on Twitter , such as: brochures, print ads, banners, signs in your physical store, etc.

Post attention-grabbing tweets

Although it sounds very simple, the reality is that Twitter is a fast-moving social network, in which people consume content quickly. This means that your Tweets need to be frequent and compelling so that your followers are willing to share and engage with them, improving your chances of gaining new followers.

That is why here we leave you some tricks to improve the writing and content of your tweets.

Define your content strategy

Let's think a bit, if you were a potential follower, what type of content would inspire you to hit the “Follow” button?

Take a moment each day to listen to what your audience is talking about, and think about whether you have anything valuable to add to the conversation. Create a Twitter content strategy that adds value to your audience's Twitter experience.

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