The Beauty of Sagada

The Beauty of Sagada

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The Beauty of Sagada

Sagada, one of the municipalities of the Cordilleran province in the Philippines, is yet another land of beautiful nature and mystery. It's famous for its caves, rivers, and majestic mountains. Some people who visited the land call it "Little Europe" due to its beautiful alps and mountain ranges, with a touch of a real tropical climate. There's also a famous spot called "Kiltepan" where you can view such a breathe-taking sunrise with sea of clouds, overlooking the small villages surrounding the municipality. The hanging coffins, located at the echo-valley, is another famous tourist spot, wherein people don't burry their dead under the soil, instead, they hang them in the air, believing that the soul of their loved one won't have dificult time going to their destinations. Peculiar isn't it? Who wouldn't want to visit this land of mystery in the East? Me and my cousins of course packed our stuff and went on our way! We entered the huge "Sumaguing Cave", where we encountered beautiful rock and crystal formations, including the mermaid's tail and the king's curtain. We also walkes the whole echo-valley and it took us 3 hours to finish the walk! But it's worth it, we ended up in a beautiful waterfalls to chill. We also tried some of their famous cafe and restaurant, the Rock cafe and the Yoghurt House. We didn't have much enough time to visit all the secret places of Sagada, but there's really a lot to see and visit in this land of mystery. - Kristine Wanawan, Travel Geek

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