Tips for your Content Marketing strategy on Social Networks

Tips for your Content Marketing strategy on Social Networks

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Tips for your Content Marketing strategy on Social Networks

1. Types of content

In relation to the type of content that we must use to build promotional campaigns, we must bet on the already famous quality own content. A very recurring alternative is to also opt for royalty-free image banks.

Thus, according to the aforementioned IAB study, we find that the content distributed by brands on Facebook is of low quality, not very user-focused, and that raffles are excessively abused. Quite the opposite happens on Instagram, where despite having much fewer users than Facebook, this second network achieves greater engagement, probably as a result of the quality of its content.

2. Audience generation

When directing campaigns, it is vital to have adequate audience segmentation.

In the Canary Islands, as well as in regions where its critical mass is not very large, you can opt for the creation of small audiences, which allows you to generate qualified audiences without having to invest an excessively high amount of budget.

On the other hand, doubly limiting by interests and applying audience retargeting criteria based on the level of interaction with the content (personalized audiences and similar audiences) are good alternatives. This type of strategy gives results, and more so in an environment where metrics must be the queen of our actions, and whose results must be reviewed immediately to determine whether to continue carrying out this type of action.

3. Campaign objectives

In Facebook Ads, the objectives that can be achieved are diverse. However, most campaigns are focused on traffic, interaction or conversion.

The objectives of each client vary according to the intentions of the brand and the role that social networks play in its strategy.

In the case of wanting to promote a link on our website or a Facebook event, the objective to select will be traffic. In addition to the statistical data that Facebook itself generates as a result of the campaign, having the Google Analytics code installed on our website can help us to obtain even more complete statistical data.

For clients starting out in social networks, it is recommended that they prioritize obtaining an active community, with a good level of interaction, instead of pursuing a larger community with little following.

Thus, a high number of interaction campaigns achieves, as long as there is a good offline service, a good reputation for the brand in the digital sphere. In addition, they allow the generation of personalized audiences that can be extrapolated to other types of campaigns oriented towards a specific action. This second ad can lead to the web or look for a conversion. In addition, they generate very good results if configured correctly.

On the other hand, if you have a database of customers or potential customers, you can work on conversion-oriented campaigns. Also check whatsapp status saver

For this type of campaigns aimed at qualified contacts, it is necessary to have an attractive and responsive website, which will avoid high bounce rates. In addition, having access to Google Analytics and having the Facebook conversion pixel installed will allow us to generate an appropriate attribution model, with which to determine which leads we have generated as a result of the campaign.

If, in addition, the promotion is configured correctly, it is possible that it generates more visits to the web than other sources of traffic such as direct visits or those from organic traffic in search engines.

Finally, it is even possible to generate a campaign with various objectives. For example:

– To users with less probability of a conversion, show them content more oriented to generate interaction or improve the reputation of the brand in the digital field.

– To users with a higher probability of a conversion, show them content that is more oriented to generate conversion.


Depending on the objectives of the company, the sector in which it operates, its level of digitization and the type of client it has, it should bet on some social networks or others.

In general, if we are targeting an older audience, with diverse interests and we have a sufficient digital structure (presence in social networks, attractive and responsive web, with Facebook pixel and Google Analytics), Facebook will be our network.

In the case of having a content of high graphic quality and we are addressing a younger target audience, our site will be on Instagram.

In turn, it is always advisable to bet on sponsored content and campaigns on social networks. These campaigns must always bet on quality content that adds value to the user.

The objective of the campaign will depend on the brand strategy. We will mainly select interaction to improve the presence of the brand. When we have an event or a website to take we will work on the traffic objective. As soon as we have qualified users, we will look for them to make a conversion.

In addition, it will be necessary to take into account the level of advertising frequency that our campaigns achieve, so as not to over-impact the user and generate the image of spam.

Finally, betting on the combination of a good distribution strategy + a good mix of content usually generates good results. For this, it will be necessary to combine content focused on branding with another of a more commercial nature.

The content should not always have a reflection in the feed. In fact, it will be necessary to differentiate the content that will go exclusively to a campaign from that which would go only in the feed, from that other that once published in the feed is decided to promote.

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