8 Romantic Things to Do in the Maldives With the One You Love

8 Romantic Things to Do in the Maldives With the One You Love

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There are few places in the world that can rekindle the lost love of an aging couple or be the place to start a new life with your significant other. With over 200 inhabited islands, Maldives is one of the most beautiful places to explore with your better half. If you plan to visit Maldives for a romantic getaway there are some things you should definitely do and some places you must visit whilst staying there.


Male’ is one of the smallest capitals in the world but it is one filled with tradition and beauty. You will stumble onto Republic Square, one of the most popular places of relaxation and social gatherings. Male’ is also home to the National Museum which is housed in the former Sultans palace. The museum has a spectacular display of regal objects, jewelry and thrones. You will also find artifacts from the pre-Islamic era which are thousands of years old. You will stumble across numerous mosques but do not venture inside all of them as some discourage the entrance of non-Muslims.

2.Snorkeling and Diving:   

All of Maldives’ resorts offer excellent water sports facilities weather you’re a beginner or a qualified diver. You can snorkel with the help of an expert or explore on your own with your partner and discover wonderful things. Even the most inexperienced of snorkelers can spot beautiful lionfish, parrotfish and a wide range of unicorn fish.

3.The Maldives Victory:   

The title may be a bit misleading. The Maldives victory sunk in 1981 after hitting a reef but since has been a wonderful tourist attraction. The dive site attracts scuba divers for its particularly challenging currents and the rich sea life that have made the wreck a sight to behold.

4.Male’ Fish Market:  

 If you wish to catch an insight in the lives of the locals, look no further than Males’ fish market. Here, the foot traffic peaks in the afternoon as fishermen from the entire country sail right up to the edge of the market and unload the daily catch. Tuna is the most popular seller but you can find a wide variety of fish there.

5.Whale Submarine:   

The whale submarine can hardly be described as a sight of Male’ but it is a popular substitute for people who want to explore the depths of the oceans but are too scared to dive in. Although difficult to recommend to divers, it is an enjoyable experience for the people who are afraid to dive in the waters personally.

6.Addu Atoll:   

Beautiful Addu Atoll, the most southerly of the Maldives island groups, is definitely worth visiting for divers. Here, the coral is the best in the country, while a modern road linking Gan's Equator Village resort to the Maldives' second city of Hithadhoo is a great place for a bike ride.


HukuruMiskiiy, or "Old Friday Mosque," has sat in Male' since 1656. When you stand outside of it and look at the less-than-spectacular façade, you might think: "What's all the commotion about?" You'll have to venture inside for the answer. Displaying incredible craftsmanship, the interior contains intricate woodwork and exquisite inlays. Muslims are free to enter but non- Muslims would have to take permission before entering.

8.Dolphin Spotting:  

One of the great joys of the Maldives are its little spinner dolphins. They earn their names for their antics: in the late afternoon, as they make their way out of the lagoons and into the deep ocean to hunt, the dolphins will leap into the air to spin, just for the sheer joy, it would appear. They'll happily follow your boat, but don't jump on command.

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gotothemaldives travel blog images

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